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11 Dec 2012 19:35:


I have purchased a property on Jardin 13 and signed the contract on the 29th October. The contract stated a completion date of the 22nd Dec. I have since through the estate agent and solicitor in Spain sent off bank details and all other releveant info and they have sent this to the bank.

As yet I have heard nothing from the bank. I have asked the solicitor to chase and they say the bank just say the mortgage is not ready yet! I am assuming this is because of the amount of properties they sold in the discount period recently. Just wondering if anybody else is having similar issues, would just make us feel a little better if we were not alone and that things will go through.

Also does the Polaris World building insurance under the monthly fees mean I do not have to take there insurance out, just incase they try to sell me it?

Any info help would be great.



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