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20 Mar 2007 00:00 by DT Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

I have been in touch with Jale re the communal areas. Copy of response below - I look forward to reading the English translation!

Se  Se ha entregado a la comunidad de propietarios un escrito por el cual nos comprometemos al repaso de pintura de zonas comunes y grietas  una vez se haya asentado totalmente el terreno.
2.     La Empresa Cenfloran se está encargando del mantenimiento de los jardines y piscinas, pero tiene que entender que hay un zona en el centro de la promoción que se acaba de terminar por lo que no puede presentar el mismo aspecto que las terminadas hace varios meses
3.    El cercado de la zona de piscina es un vallado metálico normal y seguro. De todas formas, se repasará la colocación del tensor de coronación en todo el vallado.
21 Mar 2007 09:45 by Galway22 Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

It has been delivered to the community of owners a writing by which we promise al I review of painting of common zones and cracks once have itself settled down totally the land.  2.  The Business Cenfloran is taking charge of the maintenance of the gardens and pools, but has to understand that there is a zone in the center of the promotion that has just finished for which cannot present the same aspect that them finished does various months 3.  The enclosure of the zone of pool is a fenced metallic normal and sure one.  Of all forms, the placement of the tensor of coronation in all the fenced will be reviewed. 

Here is a not great translation.

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21 Mar 2007 13:30 by sunnyside Star rating in UK/Duquesa. 95 forum posts Send private message

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Appreciate the translation, unfortunately it makes as much sense as the Spanish version!!!

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27 Mar 2007 00:05 by Macs Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

It might help but this is a clearer translation of Jale's message:

A document has been delivered to the community owners in which we promise to check and mend the painting of the common areas and cracks once all the land has settled.

Cenfloran is looking after the maintenance of the gardens and pools but it must be pointed out that the area in the middle of the complex has just been finished so it won't have the same appearance as those finished some months ago.

The boundary around the swimming pool area is a normal, safe, metallic fence.  In any case, the  position of the "tensar reinforced earth embankment face"  will be checked.

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