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15 Jul 2011 00:00 by Billbo Star rating in Hartlepool & Jardine.... 654 forum posts Send private message

Hello neighbours,

It is good to see that things are finally changing for the better across Condado.

I am campaigning for fairness across the resort in the way of trees and plants within each individual garden. I now have compelling evidence that J8 & J6 are the 'poor relations' within the jardines section of the resort. It is great to see that further planting has been carried out by the community in the way of 3 new trees in the pool areas of every garden. The point is though, that even the lushly appointed gardens, typically 12, 13, 1, 2 have all had the same enhancement which leaves us either side of the sports zone effectively no better off. Seeing as we are two of the larger jardines with the most comminity tax payers, it does not really strike me as fair that we should be just left to get on with it. These 3 new sapling trees are actually the only trees at all in or around the pool areas in J8 & J6. I have even bought plants myself to replace those that have died off in the communal grounds of our garden. We also have just a solitary 'poxy' spring seat in the so called childrens play area.

I know that the crux of this matter is down to Polaris & the way they skimped as they came to the end of the jardines phase (the apartments were built from J13 & J1 in-over so that left our gardens as the last to be finished, but as we know Polaris are all but gone and we are unlikely to get any further recourse from them as much as Milleniun may try. Annoying thing is there is still a vast compound of mature plants just across the ring road which are probably owned by the banks now. It would hardly scratch the surface of this stock to bring up the poorly stocked gardens up to the spec' that they should be.

Please send me your contact details and I will forward you photographic evidence of each jardine pool area and a general summary of what is in each jardine so we can lobby our presidents & Milleniun. There was even a new wooden pergola area being built near the pool in J4. Not sure if this is being funded by some like-minded residents or the community but I will certainly try to find out.

I am sure the likes of Phil Tann (who represents Narranjos 1) will help us if we have communication issues with our presidents as it is obvious before even meeting Phil that he is a very fair & accomodating guy.

I have just posted some of the photo's on the site for viewing.



This message was last edited by Billbo on 15/07/2011.



( & Jackie if it's not controversial !! ).

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15 Jul 2011 23:16 by Gill21 Star rating. 93 forum posts Send private message

Hi, we are in Penthouse 3 and we havent even got a " poxy " seat in our communal pool area. I have spoken to every party concerned from Polaris, RPM, M.Levante to no avail. I was told ,and am still being told it was to be mentioned at the last Agm. Still no joy.

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16 Jul 2011 14:32 by scapa Star rating in Beds, England & Jard.... 880 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Billbo

I think you meant Jardine 7.

I agree with you I think all jardines and naranjos should be looked at individually and match up to  the trees and plants planted in  J11 J12 & J13, it is a completely different atmosphere around these pools and gardens.

Maybe if more people register on the official ML website and put there complaint forward ML will get the message.  

It is very informative and the good thing is you can email the presidents direct as well as ML.    

click on the link below and register, you will need your NIE and passport.  Then they will keep you informed of what decision have been made, on matenience, etc.  Thats who sent me the brochure.

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16 Jul 2011 16:34 by ptan Star rating in Los Naranjos Jardine.... 1696 forum posts Send private message

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 Mileniun have created new "official" email addresses for the presidents so you can email them directly.

These are ;-


Jardín 1:

Jardín 2:

Jardín 3:

Jardín 4:

Jardín 5:

Jardín 7:

Jardín 8:

Jardín 9:

Jardín 10:

Jardín 11:

Jardín 12:

Jardín 13:

Naranjos 1:

Naranjos 2:

Naranjos 3:

Naranjos 4:

Naranjos 7:

Naranjos 8:

Penthouse 1:

Penthouse 2:

Penthouse 3:

Penthouse 4:

Penthouse 5:

Penthouse 6:

Penthouse 7:

Penthouse 8:

Penthouse 9:

Penthouse 10:

Penthouse 11:

Penthouse 12:

Penthouse 13:

Penthouse 14:

Penthouse 15:

Penthouse 16:

Villas Jana:












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16 Jul 2011 16:46 by Beau Brummies Star rating in Birmingham and Jardi.... 176 forum posts Send private message

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Jardine 5 and 7 are not only missing tree's but are missing swimming pools, on origional plans there were 2 in each Jardine, was told by Polaris the plans were changed due to Alhama council, yeh right !  Dont mind about the missing pool on ours but they could of made amends by planting more trees , does look a bit bare compared to others. I did notice the  solitary spring seat and totally agree something should be done, surely wouldnt cost much to make the play area larger and include some equipment, its unfair if you have toddlers to have to visit other gardens . Everywhere should be brought up to spec of the other Jardines etc,  even if its over a  period of a few years .


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16 Jul 2011 18:56 by Billbo Star rating in Hartlepool & Jardine.... 654 forum posts Send private message

Right folks,

We have started to get the momentum rolling so pass the word round if you are not happy and together let us see if we can do something about it - strenght in numbers. Phil has listed us all the e-mail adresses of the presidents. I have compiled a case for the 'poor relation' Jardines and can provide anyone with a folder of photographic evidence together with a summary of the status of jardines regarding mature plantings etc.

Could someone else take up the mantle for Penthouses & Naranjos where justice needs to be done ? Remember this - we all paid around about the same price for our properties whatever category they were in and we all continue to pay roughly the same level of community charge (those of us who are paying) for the facilities we are meant to enjoy. OK, we are not going to get the likes of town centres, missing swimming pools and Oasis complexes now, but there should be no reason why we can't have Polaris hounded to get the missing plants in, or failing that allocate community funds for improvements.

Like Beau Brimmies mentions, the improvements do not need to be overnight as long as we see some action sooner rather than later.

I am now aware of the unfortunate circumstances behind the building of the pergola in J4. A fitting tribute to a sad story of a young son of one of the residents.




( & Jackie if it's not controversial !! ).

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