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( & Jackie if it's not controversial !! ).

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01 Aug 2016 23:04:

Hello folks,

We are intending selling up our holiday property in Spain. Looking at costs of Soloicitors, what they need to do and what you could do yourself. We only have a small token payment left on out mortgage with Sabadel bank.

Can anyone inform me of the expected costs that will be incurred by a seller for:-

  • Solicitors fees
  • Notary fees
  • Bank charges & how easy to complete mortgage etc
  • Any tax for a owner selling?
  • Any other fees?
  • Agent fees are going to be 5% on propety that is probably going to be selling at around 80,000euros. There is always the potential of a private sale - would that be a lot more hassle than selling through the agent?

The options for solicitors are to delegate power of attorney to them and pay the respective fees for that or do as much as you can yourself to keep the costs down. How much time would we need to spend in Spain to try and complete the necessary stuff in one visit? Obviously more visits mean more cost as does a longer visit if we were able to complete everything in one go. 

Any advice, particularly from someone who has recently been through the process, would be greatly appreciated.



Thread: Selling property in Spain.

05 Jul 2014 21:15:

What is Paramount ?.......................................some may say 'a very large chunk of pie-in-the-sky' !!!

Here is the link to Murcia Today's historical reporting of the strory over the last 4 years. It makes great reading if you love a good fantasy.............or farce, whichever way you choose to take it. Happy reading laugh, some of us in Condado de Alhama still live in hope (some hope !).



Thread: Corvera airport

04 Jun 2014 19:46:

Yes, I found that to be the case myself. Wanted to start and end journey from Alahma de Murcia but system would not give that station as an option. I will just find train times for the local train when I go to Spain in a week or so's time and get everything lined up for my trip in July for my mates batchelor weekend cheeky. Got to agree the fares are really good value though.



Thread: Booking rail trips in Spain.

03 Jun 2014 13:04:


Looks like the promo+ ticket pre-allocates your seat then. Looks like I have a window seat (D) on one leg and I suppose you can move in the carriage if another seat is unocupied.


Thread: Booking rail trips in Spain.

02 Jun 2014 20:34:

Thanks for that folks. Guess I missed the part where the seat selection was as my printed tickets have a coach and seat number on them. Is there anywhere on the site where you 'manage your bookings' like on flights ?

I have coach 9 - seat4C & coach8 - seat5D allocated. I am assuming 4 seats across a row ? I like a forward facing window seat, particularly as I will not have seen this part of the countryside before, so assume 4C will be that ?



Thread: Booking rail trips in Spain.


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