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08 Mar 2017 12:19 PM:

Hi Tadd1966,

I'm refering to community CCTV not ones in private areas, the law states - 


The cameras can only capture images of the common areas of the community. They can not be captured images of public roads except for a minimal strip of access to the property. Nor may they captured images of land and adjoining buildings or other foreign space.

If steerable and / or zoom cameras are used, installing privacy masks will be needed to avoid capture images of public roads, land and homes of others. Hiring an external service or installing video surveillance cameras by a third party does not relieve the community of compliance with data protection legislation. 

So any that cover public roads would have to have permission from the Ministry of the Interior


Thread: CCTV IN A Community

13 Aug 2011 6:55 PM:

 The Baja is not a requirement, you can reregister a car without one but you will pay import duty.

When you import a car you pay an import tax based on the value of the car and it's emmissions.   

There are 4 bands of taxation for 4-wheeled vehicles as follows:


CO2 emission of less than    120g/Km             = 0%       of the vehicle value

CO2 emission of between     121-159 g/Km    = 4.75%   of the vehicle value

CO2 emission of between     160-199g/Km     = 9.75%   of the vehicle value

CO2 emission of more than   200g/Km            = 14.75% of the vehicle value

IF you have residentcia and your pardon is less than 60 days old then you can apply for a Baja consular that certifies that you have just relocated to Spain and therefore are entitled to import one vehicle as personal property tax free.    depending on the vavlue of the car and it's emmissions it may not be worth getting the Baja as the cost, €150, maybe more than the import tax.




Thread: Driving a car in Spain on English plates

26 Jan 2011 11:58 PM:

 Hi Nicola,

ok two possible questions there.

1.  You will not be paying on behalf of other owners who are in debt.

     The amount you pay will be specific to your apartment, and the quota for that will be defined in your deeds as a % on the community cost.  So even if other owners are in debt you will not pay more.


2.  New owner are libel for any debt on their apartment.  

     Of you but an apartment that has outstanding debt, then you are libel for it.  At the time of purchase you should of been informed if the property had any outstanding debt.  Which you should of agreed with or the seller should of settled.

If you have any further queries, just ask



Thread: Community fee help

07 Jan 2011 9:22 AM:

 There are IBIS hotels in Spain on your route ( Zaragoza & Valencia ) that take dogs.




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06 Dec 2010 8:03 PM:

Yes, it really is that easy, but this is all pretty new in Spain.  I've just had the notice from Iberdrola saying the price is going up at the end of the year, so I'll be switching.


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