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30 Dec 2010 00:00 by LizzieB Star rating. 86 forum posts Send private message

Looking for some advice re mobile Broadband……………

I took details of Citrus Red off this forum as a few people had recommended them. Tried to go to their website but they have sold their wholesale business to 900Telecom. I am looking for mobile broadband as I own property on Condado but I am non-resident.
900Telecom have responded to my enquiry as follows:
“Our internet dongle runs off an orange signal so before buying the Dongle we advise customers to check in their home if they can receive orange signal, no orange signal the dongle will not work. If there is no orange signal we cannot refund due to no coverage.
The Dongle costs 49.00 euros which has to be bought with credit of 15 or 20 euros.
You can go for an auto top up which is 3cent a mb, when you go below 5 euros it will top you up 10 euros which is taken out of your bank.
As you live in England and come out occasionally auto top up would be the best, when you are not using the dongle to keep it activated MAS will take 1 euro a month so you do not lose activation.
Manual top up, you buy scratch cards and manually top up yourself. For manual top up the data rage is 5c a mb
Depending on reception from the nearest antenna, data speeds will either be gprs similar to dialup or 3g similar to broadband
Yes we post to the UK postal charge at 15 euros”.
Does anyone know if this dongle will work on Condado or if there is a better option.
Many thanks

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30 Dec 2010 14:01 by ptan Star rating in Los Naranjos Jardine.... 1696 forum posts Send private message

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I am the local agent for 900Telecom,  yes the dongle will work fine on Condado, as they have said the signal you get will depend on the exact location of your apartment.  I offer a "try before you buy option" where I will come and try a dongle in your apartment to see what the signal strength is like before deciding.  At only 3cents a MB these are the cheapest mobile dongles around,  other providers may charge less for the actual dongle but have higher costs or tie you into a contract.  

See the link below for full details



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01 Jan 2011 12:10 by Faulky444 Star rating in Rossendale, Lancashi.... 399 forum posts Send private message


Citrus Red - now 900 telecom are the best option - I've looked at a few. I live in a top floor penthouse so no problem with reception and they are just as quick as broadband for download speeds. I think a typical 2 week stay with two youngsters and wife bashing Facebook costs around £20. Not bad.

Jon Faulkner

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02 Jan 2011 10:43 by dringman Star rating in www.Condadoexcursion.... 773 forum posts Send private message

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Anyone know of a dongle you can use in most of Europe  at least France Spain Italy Portugal

_______________________   Airport Transfers Day Trips Alhama de Murcia Taxi No 10  
tel +441212881323   +34 622714979

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04 Jan 2011 10:44 by mobailey Star rating in San Cayetano. 461 forum posts Send private message

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 We have used a vodaphone dongle for about two years before getting internet in the house and it worked very well but it is only cost affective in Spain as the cost of using outside of Spain is very high, I do not know of one that can be used all over Europe.  You could always google it and see if there is one.


Mo&Bryan & Why not see if can we help  

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