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06 Oct 2010 00:00 by bye23 Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

 hello there , i am thinking of starting a catering van business in spain, do u have any use full information.

                        thanking you 



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06 Oct 2010 21:52 by TheQuietMan Star rating in UK and very occasion.... 535 forum posts Send private message

Not sure what you need to know. If you are a resident on Condado then I'm not sure if you can sell on the resort- although I heard there was a bread van selling on the resort during the summer holiday period- dont know if the improved security put paid to that..

As ever I imagine you'll need licenses and to register to pay taxes. Other than that I'm not sure but expect you need to explore the rules for being self emplyed in Spain. Maybe one of the key holders, people advertising properties for rent or people who do taxi and airport pick up can enlighten you to the rules, regs and pitfalls.



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07 Oct 2010 09:26 by PGM Star rating in Cheshire & LOS NARAN.... 862 forum posts Send private message

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Hi bye23

I am sure people would be happy to give you there opinion on this but to be of any use you need to provide far more information of the kind of business you are thinking about.

One piece of advice though is you must do significant and detailed research on if there is a need for the sort of business you are thinking about.




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07 Oct 2010 10:33 by dringman Star rating in www.Condadoexcursion.... 773 forum posts Send private message

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Maria Jospeh from El Paraton had a catering van and a marque on land outside main entrance every lunch time for some time so it seems possible. Also there is personal catering for "parties" meals to your door./ takeaway!  If you are resident then you have access


My experience is - You will need to register Autonimo (self employed)  500 euros  so you will need an accountant  - another 70 euros per month ( simplier business are charged less)

Pay National Insurance each month approx 270 euros per month and be careful what you do about an employee - more National insurance holiday and xmas pay as well as sick pay 

Charge Vat (IVA) as no lower threshold I am aware of

Insurance , public liability  etc

so you can see why so many Key holding and "Taxi"  do not become legal , it is the client who takes the risk  ( remember Bob ? prosecuted when a friend gave him a hand  Fined and had to pay stamp etc until he could legally dismiss him, over a 1000 euros cost  fined for employing someone without paying their stamp.etc) We have someone on the Jardines who works for the tax office and the authorities are not blind .

Having discovered all of this then being legally registerred etc is the only way to set up a business here.I have been registerred for nearly 18 months.. You do not want to admit to using an illegal business in Spain. " Do you want to take the risk"?




I await the comments


  www.condadoexcursions.com   Airport Transfers Day Trips Alhama de Murcia Taxi No 10  
tel +441212881323   +34 622714979

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