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30 May 2011 00:00:

What is the proper way of complaining about a Management Company/Administrator and Presidents improper running of an AGM?

And who do we complain to?

When we believe that the AGM was not properly conducted in line with requirements

When we believe the Management Company & Presidents prevented a proper voting process to be undertaken

When we believe that the members present were given misleading and incorrect information to influence the outcomes of the meeting.

Thank you for your help.




Thread: How to complaining about Administrator and Presidents running of AGM

18 Jun 2009 11:39:

Hi Claire (DoYouSpain)

Thanks for your comments, which are all very reassuring, but unfortunately as one of your customers who has attempted to contact your company asking for information on this issue, your company have not bothered to respond to questions sent to you. I am not an isolated case in this as others on EOS are reporting this situation.


Thread: Auriga Crown/Alicante- No new Fleet!

14 Apr 2009 18:22:

Hi advisor

Not sure if one of the posts you are referring to is me but if it is no offence taken. However I was not indicating having good website is relevant to the value of the contribution of a post, I was just making the point in some circumstances it can help to be able to look at someone’s website or for that matter what they put in their personal profile to help evaluate the quality of the information/advise given.

For example if someone asks a question about Fire Safety in the home and I responded, if they look at my profile they would see I am a retied Fire Officer which I would think would help them evaluate the quality of the information I have given, alternatively if people have no information in their profile it is harder to evaluate the advice given, that isn’t to say it would be any less valuable. As far as numbers of post go, this is to prevent people just joining the forum to start self-promotion without first being a contributing member and nothing to do with quality of the contributor.

I agree it’s difficult to have one size for all and most have recognised this and that’s probably the reason Justin has asked for our opinions, which is one of the other thing I like about EOS he involves the member wherever possible.



Thread: Forum signatures need sorting - Your input please

14 Apr 2009 17:13:

Hi EOS Team and All

I am really glad Justin has asked this question as one of the reasons I like EOS is that it operates in a relaxed way allowing its members more freedom than some other forums but with this freedom comes responsibility. The more relaxed approach gives a family feeling to the forum, allowing members discreet advertising can be helpful as when they post information it helps to know if they have a vested interest in the subject. I do most of my posts on one of the development forums but I also read the posts on the main forum and have sometimes contributed or asked questions of other members. Over the time I have been a member I have had replies from those I call the elders on EOS, which is those with posts in the thousands, this term is a compliment I hope. In the case of some of the responses, I have found it helpful to be able to look at their own web site to help judge the quality of the response, particularly if it has been a question that would benefit from a response from a professional in the field. However we all see those that only post in order to have their own signature (advert) displayed and often their post provides no real value to the subject or is clearly just there for self promotion. Another problem is those that join the forum just to give recommendations about others and disappear as fast as they came, and those that join and make lots of insignificant posts so they can start sending PM’s to people. I agree with a number of the suggestions that have been made, like not being able to add a signature until you have made 50+ posts and keeping the information in the signature proportionate. If people would like a proper advert they should pay and have it posted on EOS properly, that said it is becoming slightly frustrating with all the adverts in the side column having to re centre the text to be able to read it.




Thread: Forum signatures need sorting - Your input please

01 Mar 2009 19:13:

Hi EOS Team

In the off plan forums I now cannot see post that are more that about 7 days old, in the old site you could click on a button at the bottom of the resent posts to see old post. Can we no longer look back at old posts?



Thread: New Site Live!!!


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