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23 Jul 2009 00:00 by Fossie Star rating in Somerset/ Duquesa. 123 forum posts Send private message

Anybody heard anything about moving off Builders Supply? It was due to happen at the beginning of July...I suppose we will be contacted by our Administrator.

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24 Jul 2009 17:07 by kennylynn Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

26 Jul 2009 21:32 by peps Star rating in manchester and duque.... 410 forum posts Send private message

Hi all,

Our lawyers have told people that the change over onto contract will be in around 3 weeks from now.  I personally think it will be a bit longer. But as soon as the people begin taking possession of their apartments on the rest of the phase, now the licences have been granted, i think it wont be much after that.  The road is practically finished, car park access looks to be done at all entrances.  However, there is no electricity on the gates and lots of wires and pipes across them.  Many of them broken.  They need to be working quickly now for these people to gain access if they are completing

They were working all week, and things seem to be moving, but still no street lights as tracey said last week.   We havent been stopped from walking either down or up the road and many people from coto real are using it all day and night.  So i think the security guard may have given up chasing people!!.

Another note, those that were waiting for tv´s.  A couple on site said their lawyer said they are coming ín voucher form ´*imminently*!       Another spanish gentleman living across from me said yesterday that the office have notified him 10days until they pass the vouchers over.  I will ask in the office about this myself during the week.

will try and post pics and keep updated, when i can drag myself away from the pool!!!  (sorry!)



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