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07 Jan 2008 18:00:

you could consider the dollar.  we transfered most of our savings into dollars when it was at 2.10 last month.  its still 1.98 at the moment and a good broker will still give you 1.96.  As long as you don't need to get your hands on it for a while it will make you money

Thread: Has anyone received a communication from the builders or Masa re connecting gas?

28 Dec 2007 14:09:

it seems we have no choice but to pay it now because if we try and insist they pay it it will delay our completion and we are worried we may lose our 3% compensation from the builders for the delay in finishing the build if we do not complete by the date given now. It would be costly to enter into a legal battle over it and compromise our purchase.   It seems very unfair though that they can just refuse to pay it.  It has been offered as a gesture of good will that we all pay a third each of all the tax (that being the agent, the original purchaser and us) as the agent is saying he has no legal obligation through contract to either of us. i signed contracts over in spain a year ago and paid my 30% and fees then. I am not sure if there is a clause about this and my lawyer is just taking it that the third will be paid by all

Thread: completion costs (mortgage)

28 Dec 2007 13:48:

the original buyer who signed purchase contract is refusing to pay the 7% on original contract because he is saying that the agent did not tell him.  Therefore they are saying we will have to pay it or come to some agreement to pay it between us.  If he refuses and we refuse what does this mean for us? can the purchase collapse? we are due to complete in 3 weeks

Thread: completion costs (mortgage)

27 Dec 2007 00:00:

We have just received our final completion costs from our lawyer with a full breakdown of figures.  I am confused as to why we are being charged both stamp duty on the property and stamp duty on the mortgage. Also the notary fees seem to be payable twice too. Again both on the property and the mortgage. Is this correct?

My concern is i am paying this into a holding account rather than direct and therefore, cannot see which money is actually going to whom.

We have already been told we have to pay the 7% tax twice as we were not the original purchasers off plan and do not want to end up paying other things twice when we can dispute it if we know our position.

Another thing is we were asked by the lawyer if we wanted to declare the original purchase price off plan or the full amount we are paying at the tax office. This surely will just save the original buyer who is transferring contracts to us paying capital gains, which we would have to pay at 18% when we re-sell.   Are we better insisting on the purchase price we are paying being declared up front?

Thread: completion costs (mortgage)

05 Dec 2007 21:56:

i have had many problems with my purchase and getting to the final hurdle and starting to have problems with the financial side is tipping me over the edge. it really is.  so now i don't know what to do.  whether to just complete with what we've been offered or to pursue it further. Thanks for the input.  i'll ask cfp if i can have an individual valuation done arranged by myself. 

One other point is that GE did not open me an account with their bank even though they accepted our mortgage.  But we have opened one with sol bank last year whilst we were out in spain and have about 2000 euros in that, it might be an idea to put in an application with them and see what happens.  If we go direct to Sol Bank with an application how long might it take to get an offer as we are due to complete in a months time?


Thread: Mortgage Option


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