Phase 1 Success - I've got all of my money back!!

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19 Jun 2009 00:00 by adaurable1 Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

Hello All

For those of you who received Bank Guarantees and tried to rescind your contracts on time but have got no further to date - don't give up hope!  I've successfully got CAM bank to make good on the guarantees - my lawyers are arranging for funds to be transferred to me today.

Roberto Leiro of Lawyers of spain helped me.

The full story of my struggle to get my hard earned money back is in a reply to a thread called "Return of deposits for latter phases"

I wish you all luck and I hope you manage to get your money back or the home you've waited so long for.

roberto@ lawyersofspain. com  - Email him see if he can help you too - I have had nothing but a professional and honest service.

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15 Jul 2009 19:20 by sunlover Star rating. 11 forum posts Send private message


I've also got really good news.  This week had all my money refunded plus interest for my two villas reserved in 2004, which have not yet materialised!!

This is particularly good news for the many Aramis clients, as my properties were reserved through Aramis Investments.  The Cam bank wanted receipts for the payments made all that time ago, which I did not have, but my bank was able to help by supplying copies of the transactions made all that time ago, so this may help other people who are unable to supply the original bank receipts.

My English speaking Spanish Lawyer Montse has been an absolute star in all this and was able to discharge the bank guarantees without the need for expensive court proceedings.  Anyone wanting contact details please send me a private email.

Good luck to everyone else trying to salvage something from this unfortunate experience.

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18 Jul 2009 13:22 by Frik Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message

To All Finca Parc Investors in Danger of Losing Their Money - Please Read Below & Get in Touch NOW!

I am a UK based  investor who has put more than 85,000 Euros in this project.
I am writing to ALL Finca Parc investors who currently stand to lose all money they have invested in this development by virtue of the fact that neither the developer, Cleyton Ges, nor the CAM Bank fulfilled the terms of the contracts we signed, which clearly state that all payments made are backed by a Bank Guarantee issued by The CAM Bank. I have a signed letter from the judicial department of Cleyton Ges  which clearly states that as soon as the contracts are signed and returned, The CAM Bank would issue  the BGs and that these would be immediately returned to us. Although we followed these instructions precisely from our side, the BGs were  never sent, despite repeated enquiries from my representatives and repeated assurances from Cleyton Ges that they would be ‘in the post’.
It is clear that we as investors have been taken for a massive/costly ride. Pursuing normal legal channels to recover our money will be an expensive process and take years. We need to short circuit the process! To achieve success against these cowboys, we need to act  NOW as a group.
It is my intention to elevate this case to the highest levels by reporting both the Bank and the developers to Spanish and European Banking Regulators and UK /European consumer protection agencies to ensure that both the bank and the developers are investigated and hopefully blacklisted. I will also be raising the matter to the highest levels within the British Government.
I also have strong connections with leading UK media organisations/ newspapers  and I will be providing them with all the details of this case to ensure that the public are made aware of what has happened.
It is illegal in Spain to sell an off-plan property without a providing a BG. I have had professional legal advice on this matter.
It is clear from that the both the developer and the bank (as the financial backer of the project) developer have not fulfilled their contractual AND legal obligations to provide many Finca Parc investors with a BGs. It is not acceptable to say that there are no BGs for properties not in Phase 1 or 2 since the contract that we both signed makes it abundantly clear that there IS a  BG, as do numerour letters I have in my possession from Cleyton Ges. There is absolutely nothing in the contract that says that the BGs will only be released after a building license is granted or that there are no guarantees on Phase 4 etc. You CANNOT suddenly decide to change a contractual obligation post facto! The contract in fact states ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about difference in treatment of BGs in respect of plots in different phases. It simply states that the contract that we signed comes with a BG
The simple fact is that the contracts that we signed are clearly backed by BGs. I have been advised by my lawyer that given all the evidence that I have in my possession, the case would be clear-cut and overwhelming in any Spanish court.
If you are in a similar position to me, please get in touch asap  by calling me directly on 00447887986976

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23 Jul 2009 18:31 by pstrange Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message



I have sent a private e-mail which I would really appreciate a response to

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