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23 May 2009 00:00 by alamred Star rating. 245 forum posts Send private message

It is clear that Clayton Ges are lining up to declare themselves insolvent, just like other corrupt Spanish developers. This wheeze will allow them to disappear with our deposits.

As we all know Antonio (used to be at a senior role in Cam bank) and it is too suspicious that Cam Bank pulled funding after all initial deposits had been paid.

Please pm urgently if you want to join class action



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23 May 2009 13:13 by julian1066 Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message

Sorry, but I cant see how your clear on this.

The previous post was from a lawyer advising about the circumstances of company administration in Spain and the post before was someone's fear of  CG going bust.

Why not confirm these fears for yourselves instead of the bluster.

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23 May 2009 15:43 by johnhunter Star rating in Derbyshire. 13 forum posts Send private message

Out of interest i was contacted yesterday by our english agent who claim to have been in touch with the developers . They were offering me a new deal to exchange into a house on phase one and then when my house was completed on phase two i could exchange back. They also claimed this was in cooperation with both Clayton Ges and the CAM bank.

They also claimed that the April application for COH was again rejected due to CG 's proposed new route of power cables still not being acceptable. They claimed that the CAM Bank had now agreed to fund the preffered routing ( most expensive ) route and they believed this was enough to get the first COH 's granted at the next meeting .

Has anyone else been contacted and is this the same version given to them.



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23 May 2009 16:23 by alamred Star rating. 245 forum posts Send private message

John they have been offering this deal and "line" for 8 mths.

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23 May 2009 16:45 by Doris Hitchins Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

Hello everyone,

I too spoke with my agent  a couple of days ago.  I also have been offered the same deal as Johnhunter.  I was also told that I could sign for a property on phase one and then exchange when my phase three property is built.  In addition, I was offered an excellent mortgage deal in that I can take out a mortgage with CAM Bank and not have to make any repayments for a year.  In this current climate I would say that this offer is extremely favourable for myself and my husband as we are so longing to be living in Spain. 

Doris Hitchins

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23 May 2009 17:09 by Debs C Star rating. 21 forum posts Send private message

Hello Doris, hello everyone,

Who is your agent?

The cambank wouldnt offer anything when i enquired about a mortgage

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23 May 2009 17:10 by Kram Star rating. 21 forum posts Send private message

Kram´s avatar

OK guys, lets look at the bigger picture here.  I guess all this talk about action groups against CG obviously follows DEBS C  posting on the previous thread.

Her posting states there is a decrease in solvency level and decrease in the opinion of credit.  This does not state that CG are in administration.  These statements are logical (in my opinion) for any company that has paid out probably in the region of 50 million euros into a project/new development.  Arent the risks going to be bigger?

The web address that was posted by Debs C also requires you to pay to find out if the company is in administration.  Did you pay for access Debs or are you just guessing and fearing the worst?

I think that if the developer was in administration we would all know about it by now. 

Anyone with anymore news, please let us know.

Oh and almost forgot, my agent told me the same (more or less) as john.



This message was last edited by Kram on 23/05/2009.

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23 May 2009 17:19 by Toddie Star rating in Nr Elche Alicante Hu.... 107 forum posts Send private message


What a load of crap some of you persist to put on here !  Perhaps you actually need to pay for the report that some of you profess to have read and then digest the information fully before making wild accusations !  As Inspectahome pointed out administration in Spain is not the same as a company going into administration here !

With over 60 million already spent on the project, and the bank offering mortgage deals, the only rogue dealers I can see are those purchasers and penniless prospectors that have allowed the bank to go ahead and finance the building of their houses for little or in some cases NO deposit with no intention of going through with the purchase. 

I'm ashamed to be associated with some of my so called investor friends who have played a major part in this situation, they all seem to have VERY SHORT MEMORIES.  You know who you are !!!!!

I for one will continue with my purchase, Alarmed you can poke your protest up your jaxie !!!




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24 May 2009 16:32 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Murcia, Spain. 2157 forum posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

I would like to still keep a balanced view over this site as I have always been impressed by the location and quality however I do not necessarily believe some of the statements being made by the developers

From a financial perspective the amount of investment made does not mean much as there are plenty of examples of sites where banks and developers have invested millions of Euros and still ended up pulling the plugging the plug. These include The San Antonio developments of Fortuna Golf and Casa Del Pinar, The San Jose Developments in Jumilla and La Marina, Peinsa with La tercia Real and MCC Country Club. 
There are also many examples of developments where the latter phases have been delayed, left half completed or where the commercial facilities have not been built including Polaris World Developments and Senoria De Roda
Nice to see the comments about the bank however one way that they could restore confidence is to give all buyers what legally they are supposed to have which is a Bank Guarantee that secures their deposits
On the topic of switching to a property on an earlier phase I suppose the question here is why they are now available considering initial indications were that everything was sold off plan and possibly this is a move so that the bank can get some of their investment back
The problem in Spain is that any planning dispute, especially one that involves political infighting can take years to resolve
What confuses me is that the developer doesn´t seem to communicate anything directly to the customers and it seems to be left to a buyer and the people that previously used to feed information back to the forum, information that was not necessarily accurate are conspicuous by their absence
The problems is that you wouldn´t necessarily know immediately if a company was in administration as the process requires that a company first has to prove that it is insolvent and then they have up to 30 days to notify creditors 
What is really needed is for people to come together not to start a class action against the builder but perhaps form a closed user group and obtain a formal WRITTEN statement from the developer, the Town Hall,  and the bank on what the real status is while monitoring and checking the financial status of the company, and share the costs

Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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