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16 Feb 2009 00:00 by neilp Star rating in condado de alhama. 15 forum posts Send private message

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Hi everyone. Recently started reading the forums and wondered if you could give us a bit of advice. We have a deposit paid on a penthouse in Terrazas which will not be completed until 2010 at the earliest (if ever?!) We have been offered a swop to jardins at condado ( probably 2 bed with roof solarium) but we now feel very uneasy about PW generally because of all the delays, lack of info etc we've encountered . There also seem to be lots of rumours about their financial position flying around. The threads on your forum seem generally positive - how is it for you? We atarted off two years ago being really excited about the prospect of a 'place in the sun' but all the messing around has put us off a bit!

Would be really good to hear from you

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16 Feb 2009 15:07 by danseex Star rating in Los Naranjos J4 n253. 652 forum posts Send private message

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Hi there, we are a positive bunch over here on Condado! we completed on our place in November and are more than happy with our purchase, perfect for our needs with 2 young kids, well maintained, safe and pleasant area.

I would suggest you pop over and have a good look around, the resort is huge and speed of construction is pretty impressive.

The new Town Centre the Foro should be open in Easter and the golf course is due to open in October, every time we go out we are amazed by the progress they have made.

As for PW the rumours have been around years, their customer service is not the greatest but I have not had many problems with them and am pleased with what i was sold.

Come out for a long weekend and maybe stay on the resort and see what you think, you will be pleasantly surprised !

Regards Dan


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16 Feb 2009 15:12 by scapa Star rating in Beds, England & Jard.... 880 forum posts Send private message

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Hi neilp

I agree with Dan we are positive and we are looking forward to when the facilities are up and running!

I started 2 years ago and completed last August!  Granted things have been put on hold but it doesn't mean to say that they won't eventually get finished.  Mustn't forget it is a 10 year project!

Sorry you have been let down but like Dan said go and have a look for yourself.

Good luck in wahat ever you decide to do!

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16 Feb 2009 15:46 by PGM Star rating in Cheshire & LOS NARAN.... 862 forum posts Send private message

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Hi neilp

As the others have said in the main we are very positive about Condado even if we are not always happy with PW customer service. Unfortunately PW have postponed some parts of the development for now but most of us believe in the future when the world economic climate recovers and in particular in Spain then Condado will continue its development. That said the development they are doing now you could be forgiven for thinking no one has told them we are in a recession as building is progressing at a phenomenal rate. As far as you being offered alternate property is concerned I would say all the property types are equally as good it’s just down to personal preference which type you prefer. I would suggest two things, firstly as has already been suggested visit Condado for yourself, lots of people on the forum are letting their property at reasonable rates at the moment, just ask for information and they will make themselves known to you. Secondly don’t let PW badger you into exchanging into a property you are not happy with. Have a look at the properties they are offering for yourself, and decide if it is suitable for you. We have a 2 bed with roof solarium which is just the type we wanted and we are totally happy with it, but if it’s a penthouse you want then stick to your guns the law is on you side and you don’t want to regret it later.




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16 Feb 2009 17:53 by ajw Star rating in Aberdeen. 1088 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Neil - I agree with the other posts.  I also have a 2 bed with roof solarium on Jardines and I am delighted with it - masses of outside space to enjoy with 360 degree mountain views.  The usual teething problems - not helped much by Polaris customer services not knowing - or making up - answers to our questions.  That aside, it is most definately a 5 - 10 year project but if we all sit tight then I am certain we shall reap the rewards.  If you look at La Manga up the coast - you can see that it has developed into a great resort - albeit a bit tired in parts now - since it's launch around 35 years ago.  The prices there are holding firm (and expensively).  Condado is usually described by developers - and even by Polaris itself  - as their 'flagship resort'  and they are really steaming ahead with it - despite the credit crunch.  The removal/delay of certain areas probably is a necessity to ensure the continuity of the projects already begun - a sensible approach.  Of course, you should go out and stay on Condado for a few days to get a feel for the place - make sure PW pay your flights though!!!  It's the least they can do.


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16 Feb 2009 18:55 by Billbo Star rating in Hartlepool & Jardine.... 654 forum posts Send private message

Hi Neil,

The positive thing you could take out of your situation is that you can see with your own eyes what you will be getting and what will be around you. A friend of mine was buying on Terrezes when I first became interested in Polaris World properties 3 years ago. I had a good look at the properties at La Torre during my inspection tour and also at the developing Hacienda and El Valle resorts from beyond the fence. At that time there was no movement on Terrezes yet. Our impression of La Torre was very good and we were really impressed with the standard of landscaping although we could only get limited feel for the other two resorts as they were in the early building stages.

What I would say is that while Terrezes is in close proximity to those other resorts I have mentioned as well as Mar Menor (Polaris's first & most established), we did find the surrounding area rather featureless and flat due to it being mainly agricultural plain. Condado was always our favoured choice and I got the agent to drive me to the site to get a feel for the surroundings. I was pretty much sure straight away that this would be my favoured location (Jackie took a little longer to be convinced) because of the surrounding mountainous terrain and rolling nature of the undeveloped site. I also arranged to be driven to the nearest beaches and places of interest like Mazarron, Cartagena, Bolnuevo. The drive to the nearest beach at Mazarron is about the same as the drive from Terrezes to Los Alcazeres beach so nothing to give either the edge there then. What impressed me with Condado was the fact that it will be a stand-alone development and will not rely on a link-up to one of the other resorts to get the full benefit of all the facilities promised (see issues voiced by Hacienda and El Valle owners on their sites). The range of services and recreation that will be provided by the Oasis development when it comes to fruition (and it will - this present situation will not last forever and when it is a distant memory Condado will become a truly spectacular development) will be unsurpassed by any other Polaris resort. The benefit to us 'early settlers' is that we share and use the same facilities that are tailored to a very high end development with it's luxurious villas and first class golf courses. I enjoyed a golf week-end at La Manga last year and it truly is a green tranquil paradise with superb sporting facilities, but when all the bits knit together at Condado I think it will be better. Polaris bars & restaurants at  la Torre & Mar Menor are generally more stylish and modern than La Manga so you can guage what you are going to get from that.






( & Jackie if it's not controversial !! ).

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