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Municipalities in the province of Madrid, in Spain
11 April 2013 @ 16:25

       In the province of Madrid there are 178 municipalities. Well, but Felipe Alonso Fernandez-Checa talks about all of them in his new book: “Misterios, Anécdotas y leyendas de la Comunidad de Madrid” (“Mysteries, anecdotes and legends of the Community of Madrid”).

      Felipe thins that the province of Madrid is wonderful, but a gret unknowed province.For example, he says that there are several and wonderful swamps; for example “The swamp of La Pinilla”).

      Felipe says that one of the most rich municipalities cause of culture is Alcalá de Henares. Another one is El Escorial. But he says he likes much more the most “poor” municipalities (“poor” only in anecdotes, so they are less known); for example he talks about Ambite; this municipality is from Alcalá de Henares to Guadalajara. However, despite being little known, Ambite has three impressive legends –well….two legends and one anecdote--: one of the two legends says that in the Middle Ages, there was a couple in love; but he had to go to a war and she satyed crying. Then, someone, in the municipality told her to eat an acorn of an oak and if the acorn was sweet, he should go back with her; but, if the acorn was bitter, he would die in the war. Today some couples in love still go to the same oak, to eat a acorn and, if it sweet, they marry.

Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Cervantes (1600x1200)

"Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Cervantes (1600 x 1200)", Alcalá de Henares, North of Madrid, Spain, by ferlomu, at

El Escorial

"El Escorial", San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Nort-west of Madrid, by aa440, at

Encina centenaria de Ambite (Madrid)

"Encina centenaria de Ambite (Madrid)", "Centenarial oak of Ambite (Madrid)"Ambite, North of Madrid, by Herbolario Allium, at 


      Another legend says that in Ambite there was a house where lived a marriage.It said that he was a very good person and he help very much to poor people.But his wife was not as good person and she did not like that her husband helped to people, with money for example.Then, she killed her husband, buried him in the field and his body appeared when someone was doing a work. Then, the legend says that a day, a storm separated the house from the rest of the people.Here, you can see the house, beside the famous oak of Embite:


Encina centenaria de Ambite (Madrid)

"Encina centenaria de Ambite (Madrid)".Here you can see the famouse house, just beside the famous oak. Ambite, North of Madrid, Spain, by Herbolario Allium, at

      The third anecdote is that in the entrance of the municipality of Ambite, there is a monument to Eyes; it is formed with two arches, with tiling, with a lot of famous phrases dedicated to the world of eyes, wrotten on the monument.

      Another anecdote of Madrid is that in Majadahonda, appeared a whale.It is because the anagram of Left United ( a Spanish political party) is a whale.The explanation is that many years ago, a man drunk used to go drinking to a little lake and he threw the empty bottles to the little lake; but, one day he was almost slept and threw a bottle at it began to sink and this man screaming: “The whale, the whale, the whale….!!!!” And many people of the municuipality went there with sticks in order to kill “the whale”……..althought it was a bottle…... Also there were other packages of cavalry and people started to shoot them.

      Well, but you can find other anecdotes like these in the Felipe´s book.I hope that you can read it.

Till soon, kind regards,


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