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The SAMPA in Spain
18 March 2013 @ 16:05

       The SAMPA is a System Autonomous of Motorization, Forecasting and Warning, used to predict sea conditions.

      The Minister Ana Pastor has presented at Algeciras and visited the Port Control Tower.

Ana Pastor in the Control tower of the Port of Algeciras

The Control Tower

       This system develops a mobile application that can be used by any user, in a free way and under Android or iPhone.

      The new Autonomous System Motorization, Forecasting and Warning (Sampa), developed from initial form to the Strait of Gibraltar through the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (Cádiz, South of Spain), will provide a complete description of the real-time sea conditions.

      This device, presented at Algeciras by the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, is "a before and after in technology" tied to the weather forecast, given its "reliability" because it has "the most advanced measures" to predict phenomena such as waves or currents.

      The system consists of three main modules, the first permanent measurement, equipped with oceanographic buoys, sea level stations, weather stations and current meters, whose function is to provide a complete description of the real-time sea conditions.

      The second one is a prediction system based on the hydrodynamic modeling in 3D of a given sea area, which allows to know in advance variables such as waves, wind, sea level and currents.

      The last module is a set of tools among which a specific display generation and other email alerts and sms based on automatic detection of adverse situations.

      The system also including a mobile application development, called IMAR, which allows operations activities taking place in the access port to data dike foot.

      The Minister of Development and Transport has highlighted the importance of the port of Algeciras, which has been elected to the pilot, because the Strait of Gibraltar is one of the most important shipping areas in the world, with an annual traffic of 100.000 ships.

      Ana Pastor said that the objective of the project is now "that is in all the port authorities of the State Ports" and extends to the "international collaboration for implementation in other countries in our region”.

      The minister has welcomed the fact that "Spain is a leader in the development of technologies in the world" and has "the best educated generation."

      I think this project is a breakthrough for our communications and externally.

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