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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Epónimos in Spain
15 March 2013 @ 23:50


      An Epónimo is a word, which has its name thanks to someone´s name; I mean: these are things that bear the names of the people who created them. For example: Guillotina comes from Guillotín.

      Another Epónimo is: Saxophone, that comes from a man from Belgium, named Sax, who invented the instrument “Saxophone”.

     Other Epónimo: Pasteurizar, that comes from Louis Pasteur. Pasteurizar is a thermal process carried out to liquids, reducing pathogens agents that may contain (bacteria, fungi, etc).

     Other word: Vatio, that comes from the Scottish engineer, James Watt. For example: A 60-watt bulb.

      Other Epónimo: Diesel, that comes from the German man, named Rudolph Diesel, who invented that system, for motors.

      Other word: Morse: it is a code, that comes from Samuel Morse, who invented the Telegraph.

      Another Epónimo: Zeppelin, that comes from the Earl Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, who invented an airship.

      Other word: Braille (it is a method, used by blind),  that comes from Luis Braille.

      Another word: Julio, as a measurement unit, that comes from the Physicist, James Prescott Joule.But, it is a funny thing that Julio is also a month in a year, and it is also an Epónimo and it comes from Julio César. Also it happens with the month, Agosto (August), that comes from César Augusto.

      Another word: Mecenas = Patron. It comes from a Roman man, named Mecenas, who was a Promoter of the Arts.

      Other Epónimo is: “Mahonesa” –also said: Mayonesa--, that comes from the Spanish  town (Mahón, in the island Ibiza) and also it comes from a Carthaginian General, Hannibal's brother, named Magón,; then, Roman people started to name to the port “Prtus Magonis” and from it comes the name “Mahón”.

      Another word: Bechamel, that comes from the cooker, the Duke Louis de Béchameil.

      Another Epónimo: “Baño María”. María existed; she was an alchemist, who lived, in Alejandría, the second Century, after Christ, and she invented the method for heating something with water.

      Other Epónimo: Pills Juanola, that comes from its creator: the Pharmacist Manuel Juanola.

      Another word and a nice story: “Medias noches”.These are some sweet rolls, very known in Spain, thanks to the Queen, Elizabeth II, who got up every night, at middle night, to eat something and she use to eat some sweet rolls, cooked specially for her.

Medias noches in the oven


"Medias noches"


       Another Epónimo: “Sandwich”: it comes from the English man, named John Montagu, IV Earl of Sandwich, who, in the XVIII Century, liked to play cards, but he did not want to stop the game; then, he asked for a fast food, based in something of meat or vegetable, among two slices of bread.So, the sandwich was born.Here, in Spain, that name entered, in the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, in 1927.

      Other word: “Pionono”: It is a sweet, typical cake from Santa Fé (Granada) (South-east of Spain).Its name comes from the travel made by the Pope Pio Nono (Pio IX = Nine) to that village.

A cake "Pionono".


      Another special word: “Tertulia” and “Tertuliano”.Both words come from a sir named Quinto  Septimio Florente Tertuliano, who lived in the First Century After Christ.He was a Father in the Church and also a writer.Surely he liked talking some long speeches; therefore, today is named “tertuliano” a person who talks and listen to another persons in a meeting.

      The word: “Cotilla”.It comes from a woman, who lived in Madrid and she was named “La tia Cotilla”; she lived during the reign of Ferdinand VII and she was engaged to denounce anyone contrary to the absolutist regime.After that, we all know that “Cotilla” is a person who talks or gossips about someone.

      In Spain we also use the word: “Boicot”.It comes from the Irish Captain Charles Boycott.

      Another word: Mausoleo.It comes from the King Mausolo, who asked to build a special tom for his wife.That tomb was decorated  by several sculptors from Halicarnaso (today: Turkey), in 350 Before Christ.

      Other expression so used in Spain: “Estar en babia” (“To be in babia”).Babia is a nice village, in the province of León (North-west of Spain).Babia is a very tranquil place, where the different Kings liked to go in order to forget their problems.Then, when someone in the Court of one King asked for him, someone answered: “The King is in Babia…….”.So, today, when someone is vague, we say: “He –or she—is in Babia….”.

      Surely you know another words; if you know some words, please tell me them.

Till soon, kind regards,


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