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Craft of the Spanish guitar
10 January 2013 @ 01:07

          Today I want to talk about an artist –or better said: a family of artists--.They are the family Carrillo.

        This family built and continues to build guitars, but in a completely handmade.

      Since the eighteenth century that the ancestors of Vicente Carrillo began with the construction of guitars to this day, never paralyzed building guitars in this village of La Mancha called Casasimarro, to the point that, as in the nineteenth century, the town was known by the nickname of "The people of the guitars."

      Some evidence supports the contribution of the family of Vicente Carrillo to craft the guitar world, for it is seven links of the supply chain to initiate that Anselmo Alfonso Alarcon, whose knowledge will be imbued possibly guitarists in Andalusia, particularly in Granada .

      Anselmo Alfonso Alarcon is the first person known to be engaged in the office Casasimarro guitar. He was born around the year 1744. In the National Historical Archive find the document we are told that Alfonso Anselmo is devoted to the construction of the guitar. The file is 35 752 and, on page 17, says: "... in the Supreme Council in the name of Alfonso allegedly Anselmo Alarcón, who was master of first letters, and now occupies as a profession in making guitars, and heels, and is now in the Court (Granada) ... ".

      Then will his son Juan de Mata Alarcón C, who devote their lives to the same profession. But his glory lies in getting all their children as noble exercise ministry, their names being: Peter Julian (1801-1885), Philip (1803-1818 ..?), Anselm (1808-1883) and Victorian (1814-1888) addition to Agustina (1810-1818 ..?), which marry Manuel Felipe Carrillo (1807-1818 ..?) and will, in turn, the starting point of the saga of Carrillo.

      Manuel Felipe Carrillo was born in 1807 and married Agustina Alarcón Escudero (b. 1810), daughter of Juan de Mata Alarcón guitarist, and, therefore, sister and granddaughter of guitarists. This couple are born trunk where the branch of the saga of Carrillo.

      Blas Carrillo Alarcón (1834-1919), son of Philip Manuel and Agustina, is known by the nickname "Grandfather Moreno". Blas, from his tiny workshop, located at No. 58 of the Rue de la Concepción, according to its label reads, spread the love of the guitar throughout Castile-La Mancha. In his workshop formed one of the most famous guitarists of his time at national level: his son Vicente Carrillo Lopez. The label signing on his guitars reads: "Old and Accredited guitar factory, Leaflets, Bandurrias and zithers, Blas Carrillo and Son" and likewise, Domingo Prat in his book and Guitarreros Guitarists of Spain says "... in Casasimarro, in 1888, there are several guitarists, including Blas Carrillo Alarcón is who without doubt the most versed in the art ".

Blas Carrillo Alarcón


      Vicente Carrillo Lopez (1881-1962) rubbed shoulders with the great guitarists of the time. So we can remember his friendship with Domingo Esteso Lopez, one of the most important pillars of the renowned Madrid's Manuel Ramirez workshop. Vicente Carrillo Lopez had the bright idea of ​​bringing their guitars to the International Fair of Seville, held in 1929. There, when the guitar is ready to relax, a murmur, which soon turns into shouting and shoving risen everywhere, looming figure of Queen Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, wife of Alfonso XIII, with a "large group of well- guardians", --said the guitarman--.


Vicente Carrillo López and his son.


      After contemplating the small exhibition of guitars from La Mancha, is interested in the price of one. The guitar, his voice breaking with emotion, says the Sovereign: "Majesty, accept this humble gift of a guitar." The news spread throughout Seville, Seville and a colleague who had witnessed the scene all merchandise purchased. The story has been often discussed when talking about guitar Casasimarro.

     In his label continues Conception Street address, and likewise 58 puts "Vicente Carrillo, Guitar Factory, mandolins, lutes, lyres and mandolins. Awarded the National Crafts Exhibition". Manuel González Ruano, from his rostrum in Frankfurt (Germany) states, "Vicente Carrillo Lopez attained such prestige in his profession, that from different parts of Spain, especially in Andalusia, they were to Casasimarro in order to acquire his guitars ."

    Vicente Carrillo Cantos (1926-1971). He died at the early age of 44, is the sixth generation founded by Alfonso Anselmo and is the fourth step in the saga. It extends the family market and disseminates Carrillo label not only by Castille-La Mancha and all Spain, but for the world, from Japan to the U.S. and from Europe to land in South and Central America. The workforce is large and the echo of his guitars are heard everywhere. Thus, in 1970, he was awarded the title of "CRAFTSMAN DISTINGUISHED" nationwide.

Vicente Carillo Cantos


      Gabriela Casas Fornier (1928-2005), on the death of her husband Vicente Carrillo Cantos, took charge of the workshop and, with seventeen workers who make up the staff, maintains the label now reads "Widow of Vicente Carrillo" and fame acquired, to the extent that, in 1997, the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha granted the title of "master craftsman."      

Gabriela Casas Fornier


      Here, you can see some models of guitars, from the family Carrillos ´ shop:

Classic 1 guitar

Special first one.Classic guitar.

First one India.Classic guitar.

Study India.Classic guitar.

Black Flamenco and White Flamenco.Flamenco guitars.

India Flamenco.Flamenco guitar.

Alegrías black and Alegrías white.Flamenco guitars.


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