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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Vertical garden in Spain
10 December 2012 @ 12:22

          In Spain, there is a company, that designs “vertical gardens”.The name of the company is PAISAJISMO URBANO (Urban Landscaping) and they have a website (, where they explain the following:

        “ From Urban Landscaping, we offer you our experience in designing vertical gardens, in a bid to create urban environments that highlight areas for its beauty naturaly serve to recall the ancient gardens of Babylon.

       Welcome to the website of Urban Landscaping, a company dedicated to the creation and design of vertical gardens and roof gardens.

      We invite you to browse through our web site, where you can meet our professional, services, as well as a sample of the gardens of Babylon, which has shaped our team. Urban Landscaping, concerning the development of vertical gardens and rooftop projects naturation, born with the maxim of offering an innovative concept of sustainable and coherent landscaping. Putting into practice the experience in the treatment of facades and vertical gardens design, the Urban Landscaping team has combined all his skills and knowledge, leading to incredible parkland, reminiscent of the ancient gardens of Babylon.

      As experts in the making of green walls and vertical gardens, in Urban Landscaping we believe in a greener and attractive city, providing as a value-added color and nature inhabiting any building and roof ”.

      Now, I am going to show you an example of Vertical Garden in Madrid; here you have a picture of the vertical garden created by the French botanist, Patrick Blanc, on the facade of the building of CaixaForum:

The central building of CaixaForum, Madrid, Spain 


      Contamination and pollution have become one of the biggest problems of the big cities. The citizen is subjected to throughout their day to day to a number of harmful particles directly related to the frenetic pace of life in cities where traffic and factories us away, increasingly, a life model healthy.

      This is a picture that I like very much.I think that house is now very nice and more healthy, with that vertical garden:


      Thus it becomes absolutely necessary to give our cities parks, gardens and green spaces which contribute not only to reducing CO2 and give us cleaner air, but let the citizen Breathe easy disconnecting from the madding crowd. However, the square footage available free cities are shrinking and therefore, the possibility of creating new green spaces are scarce. The solution came a few years ago with the recovery of green roofs, an ecological measure present in the architecture for centuries but has now taken on a new momentum. The next step was the vertical gardens, is about harnessing the walls of buildings to create new parkland fixing CO2, achieve lower temperatures promote biodiversity and to become habitat for certain species of flora and fauna. 

Vertical Garden on the Municipal Children.Málaga, South-East of Spain.


      Terapia Urbana (Urban Therapy) is the only one company, in Seville, that develops vertical gardens.This company born around a year ago, as an evolution of a research project at the University of Seville. Its pilot experience is in the School of Agricultural Engineering (ETSIA) in whose lobby is a pilot vertical garden from 2006, which shows the behavior of the plants, their needs and their contribution to improving the environment, all monitored using a remote control software devised by the company Idener, with which collaborates Urban Therapy for optimum operation of the vertical gardens.


Vertical Garden installed by Terapia Urbana, at ETSLA.Seville, South of Spain.


      Urban Therapy bets for an Urban Naturalization as an instrument of sustainable architecture to improve environmental quality and energy efficiency in buildings, or what is the same, returning to their original nature. And how is it done? Using two types of gardens, vertical garden liabilities and assets, a creation of art patented by Terapia Urbana. The first case is to install a structure attached to the building that serves as a basis on which to install the plants. The active vertical garden also allows free air circulation within the structure that holds the garden which helps to reduce the outside temperature, the hot air passes through the filter of garden plants by evaporating and cooling the atmosphere thanks to its capacity of biofiltration, acting as a scavenger of volatile organic contaminants.

      The plants were placed in a mesh formed by inorganic fibers, the secondary land is developed as the plant roots through the bracket. The garden is completely monitored at all times that the salts are controlled and the pH of the water tank, distributing in irrigation nutrients necessary to allow development.

      The benefits of vertical gardens are many: improved air quality, produce oxygen, increase the aesthetic quality of the environment where they are built, fixed greenhouse gases, reduce the heat island effect ... benefits and advantages that justify long term installation costs. Sustainable architecture is an extra cost, but ultimately, cities will have to take this type of facility as natural and everyday if they want to offer a good quality of life and to remain habitable. The future of the building goes through sustainability and this is only a first step. Moreover, from Urban Therapy assert that such gardens in no way affect the structure of the building as it installs a protective chamber that prevents moisture and plant growth cause any damage to the wall that supports it.

      Madrid was the first Spanish city in creating vertical garden, at CaixaForum, in 2007.After that, it was created in Zaragoza and after in Barcelona and Malaga.

      Cities with very hot and heavy pollution, such as Sevilla, need this new system, to improve their quality of life …..


Best regards,


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