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Spain against Parkinson
01 December 2012 @ 13:38

       A team of 13 Spanish researchers, with Francisco Pan Montojo to head, has discovered why and how pesticides are linked to Parkinson's disease.

      In 2010, Francisco discovered that pesticides caused Parkinson without passing into the blood.

      Now, Francisco and his team –including a woman researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid— have  investigated with laboratory mice.As Francisco explains, they have proven that pesticides alone acting on nerve cells in the intestine, can generate Parkinson and extend from the intestine to the brain.

     In Europe, there are several pesticides allowed, even in Organic Farming.These pesticides accelerate the oxidation of cells, which release a protein that other cells absorb and they arrive to the brain, creating a degenerative disease with no cure.

     Then, Parkinson has nothing to do with age and it does not start in brain but in intestine.

      Francisco concludes that Parkinson is a combination between environmental toxins and individual capacity to address this external aggression.

      So, this investigation opens three doors:

1 :   Acting against pesticides.

2 :  Early diagnosis.

3 :  Possible Parkinson drugs.

      I celebrate that my country, Spain, can offer a hope to the world. 

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