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Youth Facial Recognition in Spain
25 September 2012 @ 13:01

        An Institute of Secondary, in Badalona (North-West of Spain), has installed some facial recognition machines in the center with the goal of controlling, effectively, the attendance of students. The company responsible for the installation of this system is Xip Solucions, located in Vilassar de Mar.

Machine of Facial Recognition in I.E.S. of Badalona


        From now on, students of the institute Enric Borràs, the neighborhood of la Salut, it will be more difficult if they miss class. This system allows you, if one day a student does not attend school, parents receive an SMS or an email with this information. Weekly, the student tutors receive a list of the Times missed class each student.

      The system also reports whether the student is late to class. In less than two seconds, the terminals installed in the school the student can recognize only standing near the machine. The terminal reads, in 3D, the square formed from the eyebrows to below the lip. With this information, the vectors of distance and depth are sufficient to identify the person. Within a minute, the terminal can identify up to 50 students. It also has a filter system that avoids sending SMS to the parents if they have notified the center that the student will not go to class.

       From Xip Solucions say it is the most effective and quick recognition. The technical director of the company, Oriol Martí, explains that ID cards could cause the exchange students and digital printing is not very effective with the growth of adolescents.

      The Institute's Director “Enric Borràs”, Ana Garcia, said that, since the machines have been installed,  the first of ESO students attend class every day. The school decided to implement this system, funded with grants from the Pla de Millora to combat truancy. Besides the responsibility of the students to learn to be controlled, says Solucions Xip have also noticed an increase in parental involvement.

      The product FaceID will cost 750 euros per terminal. In high school “Enric Borràs” have four installed for recognition of 150 students from first to ESO. From Xip Solucions say, with the situation of Catalan schools, is being difficult to more centers. The institute Enric Borràs Badalona Catalan is the only institute that has installed and is waiting to collect the contribution Millora Pla-late-going to expand the terminals and control the ESO sophomores.

      This system has been implemented in industry and in the city of Girona, which controls the entry and exit of workers.


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pearl linda said:
30 September 2012 @ 16:30

What a brilliant plan !

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