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The Solar Energy in Spain
17 August 2012 @ 14:13


      These days, there is a debate, in Spain, about Solar Energy.Some scientists are against this natural energy, because they say that it is so expensive; but another scientists say that it is not so exactly, because, although it is true that it is not a cheap energy, at the end, it is cheaper than another energies like Nuclear Energy.

      In that sense, this morning I have listened, on the radio, an interview to the President of the Asociation of Producers of Renewable Energies and he said that people need to know well the trouble.The scientists who are against Solar Energy say that the Spanish State has a deficit around 24.000 million of Euros; but this President says that it is not exactly cause of Solar Energy, but a debt that the Spanish State has with the companies of Electric Energy.A great diference among Nuclear Enegy and Solar Energy is that the first one leaves residue, however the second one does not leave anything.Then, we can be proud, knowing that Spain is the fourth country in Solar Enery, all over the World.

Colores de Abril II

"Colores de Abril II", La Puebla de Almoradiel (toledo), Spain, by Hortolano, at


      Solar Energy is a clean one.Also, it is not gotten from the land.Also it creates jobs and it leaves the money in Spain.

      Now, Spain exports the 80 per cent of the Solar Energy to Germany.

      The Spanish government has pledged to produce 12% of energy from renewables by 2010. The more than 3600 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic plants in Spain and in 2009 produced 1.9% of electricity consumed. In 2004, the Spanish government removed economic barriers to connecting renewables to the grid. Royal Decree 436/2004 levels the playing field for large scale production of solar thermal and photovoltaic and warrant sale (raw or feed-in tariffs in English).

      On June 1, 2007, came into force on Royal Decree 661/2007 of 25 May, which regulates the activity of electricity production in special regime, which maintains a system similar to those established by Royal Decree 436 / 2004 to March 12, in which the owner of the facility may choose to sell their energy at a rate regulated shop for all planning periods, or sell the energy directly in the daily market in the futures market or through a bilateral contract in this case the trading price on the market plus a premium. In the latter case, they introduced a novelty for certain technologies, lower and upper limits for the sum of the daily hourly market price plus a premium of reference, so that the premium to be charged in every hour, can be bounded in terms of these values. The new system protects the promoter when the income from the market price were too low, and eliminates the premium when the market price is high enough to ensure recovery of costs, eliminating irrationalities in the remuneration of technologies, whose costs are not are directly linked to oil prices in the international markets.

      Since the late 2000, the Solar installed capacity has risen to 3.479 MW, in 2009, and to cover 2.6% of the electricity demand in the same year.

      I agree with the bet for the Solar Energy.


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