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Great Race of the Bicentennial in Spain
26 July 2012 @ 15:12

Today, an International Great Race of the Bicentennial starts in the port of Cádiz (South of Spain).

Puerto de Cadiz

"Puerto de Cádiz", Cádiz, South of Spain, by Javier Peláez, at

       One million people will visit during the next five days to the port of Cadiz to enjoy the Great Race of the Bicentennial (Bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812), according to estimates made ​​by the City Council. The capital was poured into a meeting in which fifty tall ships, including 15 Class A berth in the docks after completing the trip organized by the 'Sail Training International' in European waters.

      Aboard the ships crew travel professionals and more than a thousand young people from five continents. The ships are from a dozen countries, from Russia to Colombia, to Norway, Germany, England, Portugal, Italy and Ecuador, and Spain, represented by the schooner 'Juan Sebastian Elcano'. Dock in Cadiz on Thursday to complete their training cruise after attending the Grand Regatta cruise from Lisbon to Cadiz Bay.

 juan sebastian de el cano

  "juan sebastian de el cano", Cádiz, South of Spain, by Emilio del Prado, at

      For your reception, the port of Cadiz becomes a major theme park, with room for music, dance, hospitality and other cultural events and entertainment. The port area is open to the public with a big concert organized by the RTVA. Are scheduled from ten in the Wednesday night performances by Sergio Dalma, Pastora Soler, Manuel Carrasco, Andy & Lucas, Rosa Lopez, David Bustamante, David de Maria, Chenoa, Jose Manuel Soto, Hugo Salazar, Joana Jimenez and Antonio Cortes, among others. The concert is free and will be broadcast live by the Canal Sur Television.

      Leisure activities are completed with aerial displays, naval parade, the daily spectacle of the Royal School of Equestrian Art, carousel or carnival chorus concert Macaco, Ruben Blades and Eddie Palmerie.

      Renfe plans to offer a special reinforcements in Cadiz commuter service because of the concentration of sailboats. Thus, from Wednesday to Sunday, the offer will increase commuter with 124.000 additional seats to reinforce the regular service between major cities in the Bay of Cadiz.

      As RENFE detailed , it will issue a total of 271 special trains during these five days, of which 81 will provide service between Cadiz and Jerez and 190 will make between Cadiz and San Fernando, capital-South Bay. In both cases, the intermediate stops trains will usual.

     The commuter between Cadiz and San Fernando circulate practically all the time throughout the day. The first trains will start circulating around seven o'clock and the last will of Cadiz to 3.45 hours; so that the capital service between Cadiz and South Bay will be continuous, except for an interval of about three hours during the morning.

      To ensure safety, 250 Local Police officers will be responsible for organizing and controlling traffic. To these are added 200 troops from the Guardia Civil and National Police allocated to the port and its approaches.

      Repeated Cadiz host the Sail Training International, after the successful nautical appointments 1992, 2000 and 2006.

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