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A town in Spain that saves
21 July 2012 @ 16:25

       Throughout this year, the Mayor, Soledad Ramon, has made a project to improve technological efficiency, replacing the old phone system and communications obsolete, requiring regular maintenance and investment, a virtual PBX and new handsets with management totally independent web without investment, thus integrating all municipal buildings and achieving "a significant cost savings", according to the Mayor and responsible for Modernization, Soledad Ramon.


"P1040025", Catarroja, Valencia, East of Spain, by 15mhorta-albufera, at

      Thus, the Hall has managed to save only in telephony, Internet and data, 66,000 per year, as recorded by the Report of the innovation project management guidelines developed for continuous improvement. "This savings greater than 50% has been achieved taking advantage of consumer segments without costs, by reducing several phone lines and seeking efficiency," said the first mayor.

      The city government also has reduced operating costs resulting from the adjustments to the 2011 budget for purchases of goods and services (275,000 euros less) and current transfers (EUR 613,000 less).

      This reduction would continue with the initiated in 2008, with the financial and economic crisis and the consequent fall in current income, which accrues from 2009 a deduction of 45% in purchasing costs. However, the reduction of costs has not been produced in spending policies "indispensable" to the local government as the basic utility or the "most necessary" as social protection, employment promotion, education and health , according to Soledad Ramon.

      A large percentage of the savings already achieved in the phone bill, we must add also hidden savings to improve services and the high costs of management and repair of failures. All this against a backdrop of increased services and new service connections Catarroda free bike, or project information eComunica Digital Panel on public roads, among others.

     Many Politicians should must take good note of all this....

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