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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

The shortest spanish way to África
31 August 2010 @ 04:31

       The last July-15th of 2010, the company Inaer opened the regular line, by helicopter, among Algeciras and Ceuta.Its base, in Algeciras, is into the port and the helicopter takes off and lands on the platform, specially built for it.

In the middle of the picture, you can see the platform (behind a yellow and blue building) with the helicopter on it. It is a white helicopter.

The helicopter has landed off and it is flying before arriveing to the big yellow craine, to Ceuta.

 Here, you can see the "Royal Nautic Club" and, in the middle of the picture and in the top of the sky, you can see the helicopter.

Here, you can see the helicopter over a little cloud, over Gibraltar.

This is the second regular line, by helicopter, from Spain to África.The first one is from Malaga to Ceuta.The model of the helicopter (Augusta AW139( has a capacity for 15 persons.The flight spends 10 minutes (each way) --against 60 minutes that the faster ship spends-- and its cost is the following: 32,44 Euros (one way and for people who live in Ceuta) and 54,44 Euros (A round trip and for people who live in Ceuta).But, for people who do not live in Ceuta, the price is this one: 57,44 Euros (for one way) and 94,88 Euros  (A round trip).

The company (Inaer) has planned 41 flights for each wekk --although: Saturdays and Sundays there are only 3 flight, each way and each day--.

This is the schedule: from Algeciras to Ceuta: 9:20 h, 10:05 h, 13 h, 16:30 h, 17:10 h and 17:50 h. From Ceuta to Algeciras: 9:35 h, 10:20 h, 13:15 h, 16:45 h, 17:25 h and 18:05 h (this flight is the last one each day).

I take the opportunity, with this picture, to say that, alwys, when you see a long cloud, over Gibraltar, like in this picture, it means that the wind is named "Levante" --because the wind comes from Levante (Valencia and so on...); then, here, the wind comes from Gibraltar to Algeciras and the weather is more fresh--.The long cloud is named "Montera" --remembering the name of the hat used by bullfighters--.

Here, you can see the helicopter, on the left side of the picture, flying to Ceuta, over the Straight of Gibraltar.

Here you can see a ship (the faster one)which goes to Ceuta --from left to right-- and another one which comes from Ceuta.Helicopter flights over them, more or less.

Here, the helicopter is coming back from Ceuta.

Here, you can see the helicopter more near

Here is the helicopter arriveing to Algeciras.

Here the helicopter is arriveing to the port of Algeciras.

This is the helicopter.

Here, the helicopter is landing on.

Today, the weather, here in Algeciras, has been better than the day when I made the pictures that I showed you before this one.Here, the helicopter is flying to Ceuta.

Today, the sky was too clean; it is so, because, today, the wind came from "Poniente" --fromland to the sea; from Algeciras to Gibraltar--; therefore, you can not see any cloud over Gibraltar --remember that  when "Levante" is here, you can see a big cloud over Gibraltar; it is still, several hours.


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Keith said:
07 September 2010 @ 09:57

Hi Luis

I like the pictures. You could have a job in the Cadiz tourist office!!

Now I have learnt more about the Montera cloud and why it happens.

Have you been on this helicopter to Africa?

Kind regards


MDM said:
14 October 2010 @ 17:57

Thought the wind "Poniente" was the fresh one from the Atlantic???

Luis said:
14 October 2010 @ 18:34

MDM: Yes, the wind "Poniente" comes from the Atlantic, acroos Tarifa --from the sea to the main beach and to the town-- to Algeciras and Gibraltar.The wind "Levante" comes from Gibraltar to Algeciras and to Tarifa.Levante is fresh, in Algeciras; but Poniente is more hot.
Kind regards,

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