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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

A Spanish Family break
26 August 2010 @ 02:44

       I have just come back from the Hotel "Garbí Costa Luz" (in Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz, South of Spain) --it belongs to the chain hotels named "Garbí" and there are some hotels in Mallorca and in Cataluña--.

This is the main entrance.Through that door, to the left, you can arrive to the hotel reception

This is a view of the entrance, from the free parking.

This is the corridor where I could go to my room

And this one was the room.As you see, it is a big one

This is a part of the bathroom.As you see, it is too clean.

The bathroom was too big.I put these pictures of the bathroom, because I have always thought that bathroom is a very important place, when you book a hotel room.This bathroom was clean too.

This one was the terrace.It had a little clothesline, on the wall on the right side of this picture


And this was the view, from the terrace.At the end, you can see the sea and the Conil city is in the left side, close the beach.

This is the main swimmingpool.As you see, it is so long.

That is a part of the hotel.In the middle of the picture is the "chiringuito", where you can eat or drink something in the afternoon too.

Here, you can see the swimmingpool for children.

I have been with my wife and with our two children and they have enjoyed a lot.We took a very good offer: children GRATIS and, then, we have been 5 nights, with breakfast and dinner, for 1.000 Euros.We (my wife and I) have rest --as possible it is with children....., "In family way" --as my father said, some years ago,...jeje--.I mean: it has been a short hollyday, but a positive experience for all the family: for children, because they have note an united family --they saw that my wife and I were their parents and it is a very important thing for them; and, for my wife and II, it has been positive, because we have been dedicated to the care of our children and also we have enjoyed with them--.

Therefore, I recomend you to visit this hotel, with children --if it is possible, because there were many children, with a girl (leisure monitor), who played, with children, in a "Little club" , in the morning, in the afternoon and, after, in the evening the children went to be painted their faces--.

A view of the big garden of the hotel.Here,  some children play football, every day.

To the end of the picture, you can see the long beach of Conil.This city is 2 Kms from the "Hotel Garbí Costa Luz".

This is a little road from the big garden of the hotel to the beach named "Fuente del Gallo".

This is another piece of the road to the beach.

This is the beach "Fuente del Gallo".In order to go there, you have down stairs with 56 steps and two flights of ramps.But, do not worry....the beach is worth a visit (no stone, shallowness and....above all: so clean!!!!.Really, I think that it is a wonderful beach.

This is the down stairs to the beach.

It was thset, over the "Cape Roche" --with its lighthouse--.

Here, you can see the Cape better.

Another view of the end of the sunset, from the swimmingpool.

The day after this day, the weather was good, a nice morning.....

A nice morning from the terrace of our bedroom.

A very nice day, after taking breakfast.

And, again, the "Cape Roche".As you can see, the view is wonderful.

This is the terrace of the dining room, during the breakfast.The waiters were very friendly and the food was very varied --some plates were changed, every day--.

Later, I went to the beach, over here, from the swimmingpool.(Here, almost everyday and usually in the afternoon,  I could see some children, playing football).

This is the beach, with too people, as you can see.

Here, you can see the beach nearest.

And a detail of the Cape.

This is the end of the ramp.

And this is the beach, looking to Conil.The Hotel Garbí is on the top of that mountain, behind those palms, that you see on the left side of the picture.

This is the oposite view, where you can find the "Cape Roche".From here, you can find some rocks, in the sea; but not behind here.

I can assure you that the water was wonderful......

After too minutes swimming in the sea, I went back to the swimmingpool.I can tell you that this down stairs is very confortable (with low steps.

The first night we could enjoy with a show of Flamenco Dancing.

 This is the show at the cafetería of the hotel.

Another view of the Tablao. "Tablao" = the place where the flamenco group show, --because the floor, where they dance is made of "tabla" (table) of wood.





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Keith said:
27 August 2010 @ 00:02

Some lovely photos.

It looks like you had a wonderful 'family time'. Special times like this are very important for the balance of family life.

Wow that swimming pool at the hotel looks fantastic and so inviting. I want to go for a swim now!! I imagine your children had so much fun there.

Children GRATIS - that is a good deal especially in the peak summertime.

I know what you mean about rest and children - the kids have so much energy they can keep playing forever!

Kind regards


Justin said:
28 August 2010 @ 12:10

Wow Luis, that looks great. Lovely area, Conil.

I think you should get a job in tourist information!

Luis said:
30 August 2010 @ 11:55

Hello Keith: Thank you for your words; I see that you have enough sensibility as talking about children on that way.And thank you for visiting my blog and for comment --becauese is difficult to receive a comment here--; I am very encouraged with it.If you want me to talk about any them of Spain or if you want me to put some pictures of anywhere, please tell me it.Thank you again and receive by best regards.Luis.

Luis said:
02 September 2010 @ 13:10

Hello, Justin: Thank you for your comment.Of course, I should like to work in tourist information, because I should enjoy myself, helping people to fin good places for hollidays; but, now, I am happy helping María, in her company, because I think that here, I help people, like she.

Luis said:
02 September 2010 @ 13:11

Hello, Justin: Thank you for your comment.Of course, I should like to work in tourist information, because I should enjoy myself, helping people to fin good places for hollidays; but, now, I am happy helping María, in her company, because I think that here, I help people, like she.

Keith said:
07 September 2010 @ 10:05

Hi Luis

Yes, I have 2 young children myself so I know just how important the family times are. I also know how much energy the children have!

Mum and Dad do not get much rest, but the reward is seeing your children happy and enjoying their life. These early years are so important for children, because before long they will have the pressures of exams, work etc.

It looks like you enjoy your photography. It is good to have a hobby that you enjoy.

Kind regards


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