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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

More funny phrases by spanish children
15 February 2010 @ 01:38

     A young lady (mother) tell this story: One day, her son, Alberto, while he was going to this school, with his mother, he asked her: "Mom, Chidren leave their mother´s belly?"; I answered him that it was true; then, he continued asking me: "Mon, but...before to go into the belly...How is it?".Then, his sister --who is 10 years old--, answered him: "They are lentils; the mother eats lentils and one of them stays at bellyand becomes to a baby and, after, he comes out of the belly".

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    Another mother tells that she has a son, 4 years old, who, one day, asked her: "Mom, Why we are glued to the floor and we do not fly?".Then, she answered him: "Cause of gravity; you will study it, when you are older".Then, the son asked her:"Mom, then, when we die, we lose the gravity; therefore we go to the Heaven".

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    Another mother tell that she had received an email with several letters from some children to the Child Jesus:

Miguel: "En Carnaval, me voy a disfrazar de Diablo  (Demonio); no te importa, ¿Verdad?""At Carnival time, I am going to disguise of Devil. You do not mind, Right?.

Patricia: "¿La jirafa la querias hacer así o fue un accidente?""You wanted to created the giraffe so or it was an accident?"

Gianluca: "Gracias por el hermanito; pero yo lo que habia pedido era un perro" = "Thank you for the little brother; but, it was a dog what I asked".

Antonio: "¿El Padre Mario es amigo tuyo o es solo un compañero de trabajo?" = "The Father Mario is a friend of you or only a coworker?".

Jacobo: "¿Como es que hacias tantos milagros antiguamente y ya no los haces?" = "How is that you made a lot of miracles, in the past, and now you make none?".

Mauricio: "Si no hubieras extinguido a los dinosaurios, no habriamos tenido sitio nosotros.Lo hiciste muy bien" = "If you had not extinguished dinosaurs, we would not have taken place for us.You did it very well".


To be continued................

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