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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

An original spanish meeting
05 October 2009 @ 22:59

 This weekend, has been celebrated an International Chess Tournament, in Lucena (Córdoba, España).This one has been the second part of it and the first one has been celebrated in Córdoba (Argentina).

"Lucena, 30", by Ferran Moreno Lanza, in flickr

Here, that International Chess Tournament has been celebrated, with some famous players like the actual Spain Champion (2008), David Lariño, who participated, with another companier, in a show of chess, on the tallest chair in the World --made in Lucena, because there are a lot of furnitures factories--.This chair is in the  Record Guiness Book, because it is 22 meters tall --like a building with 8 flats-- and it is similar than 9000 chairs united.

Then, this weekend, the organization of the Tournament thought to make a show with that chair and, then, David Lariño and other player go up to the chair, in order to play a game of chess.

You can see this chair, on a side of the road close Lucena.

Another player, in this Tournament, has been Magnus Carlsen: a very young Norwegian (18 years old), who is a great promise in this special sport.

Now, look at the nice main square of Lucena (La Plaza de España).

"Lucena, 29", by Ferran Moreno Lanza, in flickr

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