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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

The Cherry Tree Festival in Western Spain
14 April 2019 @ 19:33

      Every year, in Extremadura  --and specifically in the Valle del Jerte, located in the province of Cáceres--,  the "Fiesta de Cerezo en Flor" is celebrated. There are several villages that make up the Valle del Jerte and, every year, one of them is chosen for the inauguration of the Fiesta, that has a National Touristic Interest, since 2010.

A village of the Valle del Jerte

      Every year, the trees wait for these dates (end of March or beginning of April), to offer the colourful spectacle of the flowering, with a colour that goes from white to pink.

A white cherry tree

Another white cherry tree close up

Some flowers of white cherry tree

Another white flowers and a mountain with snow on the background​​​​​​​

A pink cherry tree​​​​​​​

Another view of the Valle del Jerte​​​​​​​

The same mountain close up​​​​​​​

      You can go by car on that road to the Valle del Jerte. Valle del Jerte is in the province of Cáceres, less than 3 hours from Madrid. If you want to go there, from Madrid, you can take the N-110 road, which goes down from Ávila and enters Extremadura through the Port of Tornavacas to cross the valley and reach the historic Plasencia.

A road to the Valle del Jerte​​​​​​​

The reservoir of Plasencia​​​​​​​

A map of the Valle del Jerte​​​​​​​

      But you can also walk between trees, after leaven your car:

Another path between trees​​​​​​​

And another path more

      In those weeks, since the end of March, you can enjoy the spectacle offered by that kind of "carpet of white flowers", which is formed by around a million and a half cherry trees, whose flowers are gradually opening, from the most low to the highest areas, on the mountains.

A mountain covered by a carpet of white flowers​​​​​​​

The road from Madrid to Plasencia​​​​​​​

      The other route from Madrid is by the N-5, and when you get to Navalmoral de la Mata you turn to Plasencia.

      Which date is better for you to see blossom cherry trees, in the Valle del Jerte?. Flowering usually occurs between the end of March and the beginning of April, but it depends on the weather  --for example, in 2016 and 2018, the flowering was delayed until the beginning of April--. This year, as the weather has been more benign, on March 12 some flowers began to open.

White flowers open​​​​​​​

      To the south, take the roads that run along both slopes of the valley passing through the villages of Valdastillas, Piornal, Barrado, Cabrero, Casas del Castañar, El Torno and Rebollar. This route will take you through the cherry plantations that extend along the slopes of the valley, between the different villages.

      In addition, in the villages of the valley and during these dates, the “Spring Festival and the Cherry Blossom” are celebrated, with various cultural, gastronomic and hiking activities. This year, the Inauguration of the “Spring and Cherry Blossom Festival” took place in the village Casas del Castañar and the Closing in the Torno, with various activities: traditions, sports, music, folklore, theater and gastronomy. And this is the poster, made by Mario Moreno Iglesias, of El Piornal.

The Poster of the Spring and cherry Blossom Festival 2019​​​​​​​

A general view of Casas del Castañar​​​​​​​

Another view of Casas del Castañar​​​​​​​

Plaza Mayor in Casas del Castañar​​​​​​​

Some houses in Casas del Castañar​​​​​​​

A rural house in Casas del Castañar​​​​​​​

The church San Juan Bautista in Casas del Castañar​​​​​​​

      As I said before, this year, the Closing of the Cherry Blossom Festival took place in El Torno.

A general view of El Torno​​​​​​​

El Torno close up

The Town Hall and the church Nuestra Señora de la Piedad in El Torno​​​​​​​

Apartments Grandmother Pastora in El Torno​​​​​​​

A kitchen in the apartments​​​​​​​

A bedroom in the apartments​​​​​​​

      You can also sign up for other activities, that take place throughout the year, such as an exclusive 4x4 tour through the “Garganta de los Infiernos”, especially interesting when the forests show their autumn colours.

A bridge with walkers on the Garganta de los Infiernos​​​​​​​

Another walkers through the Garganta de los Infiernos​​​​​​​

A pool of the Garganta de los Infiernos​​​​​​​

Another part of the river Jerte​​​​​​​

A waterfall of the river​​​​​​​

      Later, in the months of June and July, the "Cherry Fair" is celebrated, with activities of the "Cerecera".

Preparing boxes with cherries to sell

Showing some cherries​​​​​​​

Cherries prepared to be sold​​​​​​​

A stand with boxes full of cherries

Another stand with people testing some cherries

      Do you know what is the difference among Cherry and Picota cherry ?. Well, Picota cherry is a variety of cherry, with a pointed, thicker, larger and without scut.

      But if you prefer to go to the Valle del Jerte, at another time of the year, I advise you to go in the fall, because it is very beautiful and it is when the "Otoñada" festivals are celebrated, during which you can sign up for various activities , like hiking trails that allow you to explore the forests of this area, among an autumnal landscape.

A beautiful forest in Autumn​​​​​​​

      Well, I hope that sometime you can go to the Valle del Jerte, during the “Festival of Cheery Blossom” or another moment. If you go, please tell me your experience.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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