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A typical warm dish from southern Spain
06 November 2018 @ 11:40

      Today I would like to share with you the recipe of a typical hot dish of Andalusia: "Ajo calentito (o Caliente)" (“Warm (or Hot) garlic”).

      This is a dish prepared in the style of "Mayeto Roteño"  --Mayeto Roteño is the farmer who, in the past, tilled the land, in an artisanal way and took out his vegetables and fruits, to the market, in the month of May--

      It is a very complete and very healthy dish, elaborated in a traditional way, in its earthenware bowl and with typical ingredients of the Mayeta roteña garden, peppers, tomatoes and garlic. It is very similar to the “Arranque roteño”  ("roteño start" –Roteño means that it comes from Rota, a village in the province of Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, South of Spain--) with the variant of which is prepared with the water of the cooking of the tomatoes and that it is served warm.

      These are the Ingredients1 Kilo of ripe tomatoes. 2 green peppers. 3 garlic cloves. Extra virgin olive oil. Pole bread settled. Salt. Paprika.

The Ingredients

      In a pot, you have to cook the previously washed tomatoes, so that they become tender and to be able to remove the skin easily. Then you have to reserve the water for cooking.

      While the tomatoes are cooking, in a earthenware bowl, you are going to knead the peppers, the garlic, the salt and a little bit of paprika, very well, adding the olive oil that you need, little by little, until it has a juicy consistency.

      Once the mash is finished, you cut the bread into pieces and add it to the mash.

      Then, you have to put the cooked tomatoes, peeled and chopped on top of the bread, with a little bit of water, of which you have used to cook the tomatoes, and cover the earthenware bowl with a thick kitchen cloth, for five or six minutes.

      And finally, with the pestle and little by little, you have to grind all the contents, until everything is well crushed and bound, being able to add, during the mash, a little bit more oil or hot water from the cooking of the tomatoes, as you see that you need it.

      Serve the “Warm garlic”, in small clay pots, and decorate it with pieces of green pepper.

      And this one must be the result:

Ajo calentito

      Well, I hope that you will like this recipe and hope that you will try to cook it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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peter-c said:
10 November 2018 @ 10:59

Sounds delicious and will definitely try it. Just one issue - there are what appear to be radishes in the picture but they are not mentioned in the text. Is there any explanation for that?

mariadecastro said:
10 November 2018 @ 12:43

Hi, Peter-C: You are right: the picture shows radishes and in the recipe they are not; I am sorry, I did not find another picture without radishes, on the Internet, and the recipe was in a book without a picture, that is the explanation. So sorry. Kind regards, Luis.

nancybenn said:
12 November 2018 @ 09:29

I'll try this tasty sounding dish & see if all that mashing & grinding is worth it ;-)

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