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Fortuny: the painting made light in the South of Spain
03 August 2018 @ 11:47

      On June 15, the Exhibition "Fortuny Coleccion Vida Muñoz" was inaugurated, in Tarifa (Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, Southwest of Spain). Specifically, it was inaugurated in the Guzmán El Bueno Castle Exhibition Hall.

A part of Tarifa with its Castle

The Castle Guzman El Bueno close up​​​​​​​

The main entrance of the Castle​​​​​​​

Another view of the entrance with a statue​​​​​​​

A statue of Sancho IV, who conquered Tarifa by ground in 1292.​​​​​​​

A view of the castle from above​​​​​​​

A view with cannon from the Castle​​​​​​​

A view of the port of Tarifa from the Castle​​​​​​​

The church of San Mateo from the Castle​​​​​​​

A patio inside the Castle​​​​​​​

Poster of the Fortuny Private Collection

A room with the Exhibition of Fortuny´s paintings​​​​​​​

The police force of the Casbah in Tetuan​​​​​​​

A watercolour​​​​​​​

Watercolour of a bullfighter​​​​​​​

      The Exhibition was closed this past Sunday 29 --although you could visit it until Tuesday 31-- .

      In the Inauguration, two local artists were present: José María Muñoz (Director of the Municipal School of Music, Dance and Plastic Arts) and Andrés Contreras (local guitarist), who performed several musical pieces.

      Also collaborated the journalist and writer of Algeciras, Juan José Téllez, who read several of his poems.

      They also participated, with a few words, the local authorities and, at the end, the owners of the Collection, Carmen Muñoz and Manuel Vida.

      On the next image, on the right side, you can see the owners of the private Collection, Carmen Muñoz and Manuel Vida. On the background, you can see the painting “An Arab before a tapestry”.

On the right side the owners of the private Collection​​​​​​​

      It is not usual for two doctors  --like Carmen and Manuel--  to gather a set of works such valuable as these by Fortuny. In addition, the usual thing, in collectors, is to collect works by different authors.

      Mariano Fortuny y Marsal (1838-1874) is considered the most complete Spanish painter, among Goya and Picasso. But he also suffered numerous false works, attributed to him. Another success of the Carmen and Manuel´s Collection is that they have rescued many works of Fortuny, who were abroad, and they have brought them to Spain.

      Another famous painting by Fortuny:

The outdoor seller​​​​​​​

      Fortuny was a master of the technique, the inventive capacity of a pioneer of orientalism and the figure of a good connoisseur of the Spanish tradition. Painter, watercolourist, draftsman and engraver, Mariano Fortuny cultivated all genres, from portrait and landscape, even the nude, the costumbrist painting or the still life. He was a polyhedral artist, an author of precise stroke and virtuosity in colour that caused admiration among his peers. He discovered the expressive power of light, in 1860, when he first traveled to Morocco, as a graphic chronicler of the war, that confronted Isabel II with the sultans of the African country, and he could no longer dissociate himself from it. He started his own pictorial revolution, fundamental for European Orientalism.

      Well, I hope that you will like this article and hope that you will visit the Castle of Tarifa, in case that you have never been there.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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