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Ecological swimsuits designed in the South of Spain
30 July 2018 @ 10:07

      Today I would like to tell you that there is a company, in Almería (Southeast of Spain), that designs swimsuits and bikinis, from fabrics made with nylon from recycled fishing nets, in Germany.

Fishing nets

      Nylon comes to Spain from a German company. When the material is in Almeria, two young entrepreneurs (Carmen and Eduardo) design the swimsuits, choosing the different fabrics.

Fabrics for recycled swimsuits and bikinis

      Carmen and Eduardo started designing t-shirts; but they had the illusion of trying to design swimsuits. The swimsuits line, "Ilovebelove", was born in 2014; but the first swimsuit that they made by hand was in 2017 --although they had designed it in 2015-- .

Carmen and Eduardo designing

      Fishing nets are among the materials that most damage environment, since being made with durable materials; they can continue to entangle marine animals for up to 600 years. At least 136 thousand whales, seals, sea lions, turtles and dolphins get entangled in these nets, every year, while innumerable fishes, birds and crustaceans are captured and killed unnecessarily.

      This is undoubtedly a very remarkable fact among people who study marine ecosystems, so Carmen María Castro, an entrepreneur, has decided to regenerate and transform this material to turn it into swimwear.

      Carmen says: “What comes from sea, is recycled to return to it".

Carmen working​​​​​​​

 Carmen reviewing a swimsuit​​​​​​​

The same bikini​​​​​​​

A swimsuit designed by Carmen and Eduardo​​​​​​​

The same swimsuit​​​​​​​

Another swimsuit by Carmen​​​​​​​

Another type of swimsuit​​​​​​​

Another bikini designed by Carmen​​​​​​​

      Two new bikinis more:

      Well, I hope that you will like this article.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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