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Serendipity: the first Spanish candle with surprise
20 June 2018 @ 11:55

      It is said that "Today you will not sleep without having learned something new". And that is what has happened to me today: that I have learned a term that I did not know, "Serendipia", which means "Chance", "Fluke".

      And Fluke was what found the protagonist of the story that I would like to tell you now: Cristina Acebal.

Cristina Acebal

      Cristina partnered with a cousin of her to create an event company. One day, with the company already created, they organised a presentation with many candles  --because both of them like candles very much--. Then they thought to create their own candles; but they knew that the market is full of them and they wanted to create special candles. Then, the first special thing was the name: “Serendipity”, which Cristina thought, remembering the movie of the same title. Serendipity comes from the term "Serendipity"  --which, as I said before, means "Chance"--. In History, there are many cases of Serendipity: for example, Cristóbal Colón was looking for Las Indias and he discovered America. It was also discovered by chance: penicillin, velcro, Coca-Cola and post-it –this last was discovered when NASA commissioned a company with a paper with strong glue; but the paper took off and so the post-it was born--.


      Cristina and her cousin thought that candles make people happier; and thinking about this, they decided to hide a surprise, in each candle, in the shape of a pendant, as an amulet. They chose 5 different pendants: a bee (as a symbol of abundance), a tree of life (as a symbol of wisdom), a pineapple (as good luck), a palm tree (as positive energy) and a cactus (as success).

Left to right: tree of life, palm tree, bee, cactus and pineapple​​​​​​​

      100% natural wax, double wick and 400 gr. of weight, the Spanish candle Serendipity smells of orange blossom, the orange blossom that announces spring, notes of neroli (oil extracted from the bitter orange flower) and petit grain and it ends with moderate notes of wood and musk. Candle and gift, (candle & gift), two in one, like the King cakes for Epiphany or the eggs kinder. The surprise is inside. A little patience while consuming, little by little, and a lot of magic. The silk cord, that wraps around the candle, will serve, then, to hang around your neck.

The silk cord for pendants​​​​​​​

      The price of the Serendipity candle is 39 euros, and it can be obtained through the website ( It is also sold on the website “Slow Love" ( A very original candle that, after its 90 hours of life, will leave you with a beautiful memory forever. Candles, by imitation of our Nordic, French or Belgian neighbours, who have been using them as an ornament for many years, are becoming a luxury item much sought after by Spaniards. Its tradition is millenarian, but its practical use has given way to a more aesthetic use. Carriers of light and aroma, the interior designers use them a lot to decorate and give warmth to their decorations. An atmosphere lit with candles always brings magic and, from that, Serendipity knows a lot. And if you have any questions, this candle has its own website, where it tells you everything related to the wonderful world of candles.

      Well, I hope that you will like this article.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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