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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Another very small and abandoned village in Spain
11 January 2018 @ 22:51

      Today I would like to talk to you about an abandoned village almost in the centre of Spain, named Sotillos de Caracena (Province of Soria) and located on the north slope of the Sierra de Pela.

Sierra Pela with the villages Pedro and Sotillos de Caracena

Pedro and Sotillos de Caracena

      This village belongs to the municipality of Montejo de Tiermes. Twelve houses made up Sotillos de Caracena, in a harsh environment, with a cold climate and unproductive land.

      This is the road that you meet, when you are close to Sotillos de Caracena.

Arriving to Sotillos de Caracena

The entrance of Sotillos de Caracena​​​​​​​

      When you go up inside the village, you meet the Main Square, where the neighbours could dance with the music of the bag-pipers from Noviales.

The uncles Justo and Nicanor´s houses in the Main Square​​​​​​​

      On the right side you can see the uncle Florentino´s house.

      If you follow that Real Street, you can go down to the church, on the right side.

The Main Square going down to the church

The uncle Nicanor´s house​​​​​​​

The uncle Agustin´s house and the church of San Miguel​​​​​​​

      San Miguel was the Patron of Sotillos and they celebrated a party, in his honor, on September 29. The party lasted two days and began with a fanfare, through the streets, in the early morning, announcing the start of the party; later, a mass and a procession with the Saint was celebrated. At noon, there was a small dance and then a meal  --where it was customary to kill a lamb, in those two days, to share with family and friends, come from outside--, and, in the evening, more dance, in light of oil lamps, in the Square. The bagpipers of Noviales (the Marcotes), with two bagpipes (dulzainas) and drum, were in charge of animating, with their music, all the people, who were there (they came from other villages, for example Pedro), and where Pedro's tavern owner never lacked, who installed a stall to sell beers and soft drinks there.

Several houses on the Real Street​​​​​​​

Another house​​​​​​​s at the end of the street

The door of a house​​​​​​​

Another street​​​​​​​

      Angel Barrio de la Morena was the last neighbor, who went out of Sotillos de Caracena, in 1969.

      Well, I hope that you will like this article and hope that you can go there sometime.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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