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Civica: an abandoned hamlet in Spain
19 June 2017 @ 10:20

       Today I would like to talk to you of a very curious hamlet: Civica.

      If you go along the CM-2011 road that connects Masegoso de Tajuña to Brihuega, with a winding road that follows the capricious route of the river Tajuña, you will find Civica, a small abandoned village, with arches, doors and balustrades pierced, in the rock of the mountain, that make it a place with a great patrimonial wealth, in Guadalajara.

      The place shall surprised you a lot, such as almost all the cars that pass through there, which stop to take a look at the remains of Civica, not every day you can look something like this, apparently these abandoned remains of an old hamlet, that now belongs to a nearby worker´s house, the place is open and without any fence or warning

      The karstic characteristics of the rock made possible the creation of this structure of tunnels, hollows, windows, thanks to the erosive action of wind and water; the human touch was made by Don Aurelio, the priest of Valderrebollo, who, in the sixties, inherited the worker´s house, where this abandoned hamlet is located and every day, after the mass, that he officiated at Yela, with the help of voluntary parishioners, he dedicated himself to building, on the rocks and hollows, a labyrinth of balustrades, banisters and stairways, that communicated the caves among themselves.

      Civica is in a state of total abandonment; some little walls, annexed to the karst rock, were collapsed; vegetation and weeds were growing everywhere and entering the enclosure became somewhat dangerous;  you could see what was a kind of fountain and a small square with cobble stone; It seems that, in one of the caves at the bottom, there was a bar that was frequented by fishermen, in the area between Masegoso and Brihuega –and the thing is the  river Tajuña is only 500 metres away--, amall bottles, broken mugs and crystals on the ground, covered with dust, betrayed the presence of that bar.


      Ruins aside, the place, where the abandoned village of Civica is located, is of great scenic beauty, above all I recommend you going in Autumn, because, in that season, a series of waterfalls run from the mountain, where the tunnels are pierced;  as if a garden was, the mountain is invaded by moss and vines, water everywhere and springs flowing to the riverbed of the Tajuna, a few metres below.

      A very recommendable place to visit, at least in the vicinity and to delight us with the structures that a priest altruistically built, in his leisure hours.

      Well, I hope that you have liked the pictures and hope that you can go to that lovely place. If you do it, please tell me soon.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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