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A great fish dish in the South of Spain
18 May 2017 @ 12:35

      Today I would like to recommend you a very good and famous fish dish, in the South of Spain: "The Urta a la Roteña" --called "a la Roteña", because it arose in Rota, province of Cadiz, Costa de la Luz. I can tell you that I lived, in Rota, when I was 10 years old, I tried this dish and remember I liked very much----.

Aerial view of Rota

An Urta 

        It should be better if you came and tried it, in the village of Rota; but, as long as you can not come, I have thought that you might want to try cooking its recipe.

      These are the Ingredients (for 4 persons): 1 urta (2 kg).  1 large mature tomato.2 green peppers.1 onion.1 or 2 garlic cloves.2 wine glasses.2 large potatoes thinly sliced. Salt, parsley, lemon.          

      Method:  In a greased baking dish with oil, place the potato slices. Sprinkle with a wire of oil, put a pair of bay leaves and take to the oven to 190º, so that the potatoes begin to soften. We leave them during 10 or 15 min, covered with foil, so that we do not get too brown.

      Meanwhile, we prepare the fish well clean, and we make light slices on the fillet, if it is very large. Cover with a little squirt of water, oil, lemon and salt. We take it to the oven and we start the cooking (12-15 minutes) to 190º.

      In this time, we prepare a sauté, with the vegetables chopped big, we add the wine, we give a boil and we cover the fish, with all this, half done in the oven, leaving approximately another 10-15 minutes. If the fish is filleted, cooking will be less.

      And this must be the result, before serve it:

The whole "Urta a la Roteña" cooked in the oven

      We serve the fish to the point, with the garnish of potatoes and vegetables from the oven.

      Well, I hope that you can come to eat this wonderful dish, in the restaurant “La Fontanilla”, in Conil (Cadiz, South western Spain). In case you can not come, perhaps you want to try to cook it as I hald told you. If you do it, please tell me it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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