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A Spanish recipe of Round with baked peppers
10 January 2017 @ 12:32


        Today I would like to show you the recipe of a very good dish, which I have eaten in my home, many times, since I was a child. It is a "Veal round with peppers". Well, I have to clarify that in my home that meat was made in a pressure cooker and without peppers; but it was very good.

      These are the Ingredients, that you need to cook this dish: 800 grams of round or sirloin of beef in a piece. 1 onion. 2 green peppers. 1 small spoon of concentrated beef broth (I prefer Bovril, which is meat extract and I like its flavor). 1 glass of white wine. 1 tablespoon flour. Water. Olive oil. Salt.

      I advise you to put a hairnet around the meat, like in the next picture:

       The first thing to do is to put salt in the meat.

      After that: heat oil, in a frying pan, and brown the meat; when it is browned, put it in a baking dish.

      Peel and cut the onion, in strips or very chopped, if you prefer.

      Clean, wash and cut the peppers.


      Pour the onion and the peppers, in a frying pan, and stir everything with a wooden spoon until browned. 

        Add the flour and mix; incorporate meat juice  --or Bovril-- , the water and the  wine. Give a boil and pour everything over the meat.

      Heat oven to 200 degrees, during  5 minutes; put the meat and bake it during 30 minutes. And this one must be the result:

The meat with green and red peppers

      Remove the meat and cut it into slices.

      Place the slices in a platter; pour the sauce, with the peppers, above, and serve, accompanied with mashed potatoes

      To make the mashed potatoes, I would like to give you an advice: since I do not like the milk flavour, I make the mash with olive oil. What I do is: in a plastic bag with handles  --the bag does not need to be very large--,  I put 3 or 4 potatoes, but small  --the number of potatoes depends on the people to eat--.They have to be wet, --even I put some water in the bag, but very little bit water--; I close the bag, by the handles, and put the bag inside the microwave. I put it 5 minutes, at maximum power; then I will see how the bag inflates and deflates, continuously. I take the bag out and open it and I poke the potatoes, with a fork or a knife, to check if the potato is soft. If it is so, I peel the potatoes and I crush them, with a fork, I pour salt and olive oil, and I put the purée into the microwave and I heat it during 3 minutes.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this recipe and hope that you want to try to cook it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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