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Spanish women entrepreneurs
20 June 2016 @ 11:02

      I have just found a very interesting video, on several women, who have joined, in an Association, “Point of light”, to develop a work activity, which they did not have until now. If you want to watch this video, please click below:

Voice in off: “March 8: International Women's Day. Some of the members of “Point of light” prepare the activities of the week and the tribute, which they gave to the pioneer women, in their entrepreneurship of their village, last March 20”.

Note: While you were listening to the voice in off, you coul read, on the image, the following: Association of Rural Women. They create networks of local development.

Mirta Gutiérrez (President of the Association “Point of light”): “Name of element…..In the footsteps of our elderly people”.

Voice in off: “They speak it all. They tell us that they exchange opinions, in order that this one and any other project is a success. Internet keeps them in contact and, in the evenings, who can, go to the Association”.

Margarita Fernández (Chairwoman of Point of light): “I think we give a little bit of everything: from group therapy --which we do much--, we give hope, we give teaching --because we train people--, and we give boost to the hopes and dreams, that they have”.

Voice in off: “And that dream is none other than to work, access to a labor market, where they are not, because of raise a family, or because the crisis separated them and, now, the rural environment puts them difficult to return. They are women between 40 and 60 years, at risk of social exclusion”.

Cristina Lorenzo (Unemployed): “At certain ages, it seems like you have left ...., your job is over and like that you missed the boat .... and, here, you see that no, that with the age that you have, with few skills, which perhaps you can have --that here they are not few, here they have many--; but, you can bring up some business and to do something, of course”.

Mirta Gutiérrez: “We have a particular style: we got together, we take a tea, chatted and we pull the project up. Normally, people say: "Mirta: Do you make everything you say?” and I say: "Yes, no doubt Are there problems?, yes ....; but you skip them. Are there economic disadvantages?, yes, we all have them; but, if we are all together and have a single project, a single determination that this gets ahead, it gets”.

Voice in off: “In this endeavor, 25 women are, in the Sierra of Guadarrama, in Madrid, women eager to learn, help and collaborate”.

Sole Castillejo (Context Green Comunication): “We work with them, for all events, such as it was, two weeks ago, with FAVEMUR, making all the promotional campaign, networking and press releases ....”.

Mimi Hernández (unemployed visual arts): “For example, there is another girl, who told me that my role can serve for her personal project; then, I think that, here, you learn ... not only what is inspiring for you, but also what you can inspire for other companions”.

Inmaculada Espartero (Hats “Agustina Goya”): “The people do many things; but, each one is at her home; then Point of Light is like a junction point”.

Voice in off: “Francesca makes jewels, from fifteen years ago....; a jewellery, drinking from her travels and experiences. Every six months, she reinventes it, with new materials and ideas. Today, while showing her work, to other colleagues, she talks about how much the Association has given her”.

Francesca Mantura (Artisan of jewels): “What the Association has taught us, to me personally, is that each step entails another. Perhaps, I had stayed stagnant myself, as a street vendor of jewels and that had no sense, probably, and showing work, in a more open manner ...., more of square, Right?, in the public square, that is very funny”.

Voice in off: “Loli is an Administrative, by profession, and Apiarist, by passion. She tells us she got close, to Point of light, to lend a hand; but it was the association, that helped her. Now, she not only produces honey from her hives, she also makes soaps and candles ... and the most important thing: it has given her self-confidence”.

Loli Sanz (Apiarist): “It gives me the value of unity, friendship, companionship ... I think it is a very good initiative”.

Vicky Buñones (Nordic Walking): “The walking stick is caught, tightly, up .... and you release it...; we catch it ...., we release it .....”.

Voice in off: “Vicky is a graphic designer and, recently, Nordic Walking instructor, a sport of which she speaks wonders. She tells us that, walking in the countryside, with walking sticks, gives her the life and that is what she wants to convey to the elderly people, with whom she works”.

Vicky Buñones: “Point of Light has given me this opening to the Sierra ...., this opening to what I am looking for, which is help the elderly, to go out, out of doors, and feel better, and to provide them my own experience”.

Voice in off: “To Mónica and her husband, Javier, the crisis left them unemployed. After several years, without a job, they opted for self-employment and, thus, they began brewing beer ..., artisan and organic, according to a way of life, respectful of the natural environment, which focuses on local development and women  --values, in which they tell us that they match with Point of Light—“.

Mónica Somacarrera (Beer “Gabarrera”): “Undertake is very tough ... very tough and there is a lot of moments of solitude, in which, really, you lose a little perspective ... and Point of Light is there, to encourage, to help, to give a hand .. .., to solve certain specific problems. What can we can invest to Point of Ligh?, well, to prove to all those women, who are trying to undertake, it is possible”.

Voice in off: “Mónica, Loli, Francesca, Isabel, Mimi and Sole are rural women, entrepreneurs or unemployed ...., women eager to do, with enthusiasm and a motto: together we are more. They ask to be supported, above all, to be listened”.

      Well, I think that it is a very good initiative to employ and I think that it should be good, if there were another initiatives, like this one. These women were on right, when they said that it is very important to be united.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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