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A curious show by some spanish musicians
31 March 2016 @ 11:46


        Today, I should like to show you a curious video, about a funny show, wtith spanish musicians.

      The show, directed by Paco Mir (Tricicle) starts on Sunday April 3, at the Victoria Theatre, in Barcelona. The group is made up of cousins of Emilio Aragon (Producer, Together with Caribbean Theatre). The group (the Buvoj company) consists of five musicians: Alejandro, Alonso, Gonzalo, Rodrigo and Punch Aragon.

      Emilio, producing this work, aims to combine the visual and gestural comedy with music, rhythm, with some drama and poetry.

      Emilio performed the work, for the first time, on December 3, 2015, in the Luchana Theatres, in Madrid.

      Emilio Aragón says that “Aire” (“Air”) is a "cocktail shaker" of all these elements "with the premise of air as a unifying element of the work and the idea of four rare entities, that are born and appear, on stage, as if it was the first time that they walk this world and they have to face the audience, the stage and the elements, virtually with nothing".

      In the work, the viewer can see how Buvoj makes music from instruments of toy to plastic bags or dolls, in addition to mobile. In fact, as Emilio Aragón has said, 'Air' is a "technology coupled with comedy".

      If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

      Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this video and I hope that you can go to Barcelona, in order to enjoy the show in live.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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