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An international team led by Spanish researchers confirms the relationship between psoriasis and loss of bone mass
22 March 2016 @ 11:11

        Today, I would like to show you a very interesting news, about the Soriasis.

      An international team of researchers has found that patients with psoriasis experience a general loss of bone mass, as a result of the disease. The results of this research are published, in the journal Science Translational Medicine, in an article in which scientists have described the molecular communication channel, which is established between the skin and bone, to cause this loss.

      Led by the National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), the researchers suggest that, thanks to the description of this channel of molecular communication, you could treat loss of bone mass, with drugs already commercialised or which are in advanced stages of clinical trials, says this centre, in a note.

      Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder, that affects the 2% of the world's population and more than one million people, in Spain. It is characterised by inflammation and skin peeling, accompanied by an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, which predisposes them to conditions, such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

      Now, researchers from the Group of Genes, Development and Disease, directed by Erwin Wagner, at the CNIO, have uncovered a new feature of inflammatory disorder. The first author of the work, Özge Uluçkan, said: "We have found that psoriasis causes loss of bone mass, on a generalized and progressive way".

      This loss is not an accelerated destruction of bone, she has continued, but that during the cycle of bone regeneration, bone is not formed fast enough, to renew lost one; so the bone mass of patients is reduced with time . The process takes place through a mechanism, by which the activity of osteoblasts is inhibited, the cells that generate bone matrix for bones grow, during childhood and youth, and are maintained, in good condition, in adulthood.

      Experiments have been done, first in mice and then with human samples. For researchers, patients with psoriasis should be analyzed in terms of the loss of bone mass. Thus, according Uluçkan, to treat psoriasis patients, with blocking agents of IL-17  --protein interfered in loss of bone mass-- could have a beneficial effect, on loss of bone, unlike other compounds, which treat only inflammation skin.

      Some of these blockers are already on the market, according to the CNIO, who has indicated that these findings could also have implications, for other autoimmune diseases.

      Well. I hope these investigations can go on, to finish, with Psoriasis, definitely.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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