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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

A simple and Spanish dish learned in my home
16 March 2016 @ 00:31

        Today, I would like to show you a dish, very simple, that I have seen, many times, in my house, because it was cooked by my mother or by one of my sisters.

      Now, married, I have learned to cook it  --I think I cooked it last year; but this year still had not done--, because María, my wife, loves it. The day before yesterday, looking for a recipe, to put on my blog, I remembered this dish and I thought that maybe you would like to know it. I could not find on the Internet or in any book, because it is not there; but I asked, my sister, by phone, how to do it, because I had forgotten.

      These are the Ingredients (For two or three persons): 4 potatoes; 1 big onion; 3 tomatoes; 4 big carrots; a large bag (300 grams) of swiss chards; olive oil; sugar, salt and one hard-boiled egg .

      The first thing I did was to cut one onion, sliced –neither very thin, nor too thickness--. I cut 4 large carrots, also sliced. I peeled one medium potato and 3 small potatoes, and cut into thin slices –neither very thin, nor very thickness--. And I cut a large tomato and 3 small tomatoes, also sliced with skin. But, before cutting all that, I put the swiss chards, in a bowl with water.

      I made this dish, in a pressure cooker. I put four tablespoons --more or less-- with oil. When the oil was hot, I put the onion slices and I left them there, until they were transparent. Then, I put enough carrots on the onion --but not all, because, later, I had to put carrots again--. On the carrots, I put the potato slices --but not all, because I also had to put more potatoes later--.

      After that, I put the tomato slices, on the carrots. And I poured one and half tablespoon with sugar, on the tomatoes.

      Then, I poured the swiss chards, on the tomatoes. But have forgotten to tell you that, at the beginning, before pouring the onion, you have to put the swiss chards in water, in a pot, and, after pouring the tomatoes, you have to cover them with the swiss chards; but do not drain them too much –because it is the little water in the stew, Do not add more water!.

      After pouring the leaves of swiss chards, I poured carrots, potatoes and swiss chards again. And I poured another tablespoon and half, with oil, and salt –depending on your taste--. Then, I closed the pressure cooker. I put the stove burner on a high number; when the steam went out of the valve, I lowered the stove burner until the number 4 --of 10--. I left it so, during 25 minutes. Then, I put the pressure cooker under the cold water. I opened the pressure cooker and I served the stew in a soup bowl. And I put two half hard-boiled eggs.

      This is a

      And this was the result:

         I hope that you want to try to cook it and I hope that you enjoy it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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