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About the Foreign Policy in Spain
10 March 2016 @ 18:45

     Last Friday, I listened a very interesting interview to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Acting of Spain (Jose Manuel García-Margallo) and I would like to commentate it to you. Interview was regarding the last two days of failed Investiture of Pedro Sanchez (General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Working Party)(PSOE).

      The Minister began the interview explaining why he asked his turn to reply, last Wednesday, in the Congress of Deputies. He explained that he was tired of hearing how his statements, that he made a day, were manipulated, statements in which he said that it was common sense to think that :

" If a Government of Socialist Party, with PODEMOS, can be formed, given that they have different positions, about the ways of acting on the Coalition. The PSOE has always understood that the Coalition harbored certain military actions, mainly in Syria and Iraq, do not you rule Libya, while PODEMOS had said clearly that it was contrary to any military action. If a Government is formed, by two parities strength, --much more taking into account that IZQUIERDA UNIDA (United Left-wing) should be with PODEMOS, in this sense--, you have to know which of the two views will prevail and it is obvious that, if prevail of PODEMOS one, Spain should have to establish certain reservations, to any military action, such as that it is being developed, in Syria and Iraq.

Then, I think that it is evident ... that is what I said, as he(Pedro Sanchez - PSOE) distort reality, he made economy of truth, he is spending a month doing it, I said: “Hey, tell ......, and then he read it, verbatim what I had said, exactly what I said”. The only thing, that I said, was: “Man, or you know, since you had it on the tablet, what I had said, and then you are distorting the truth, or you did not know it and, then, it is of enormous daring, in a Plenary session of Investiture, re-emphasize, when I had cleared that up, at least five times”.

Jose Manuel García-Margallo

      When the Minister was asked if the investiture debate seemed harsh to him, he answered: “I found a lively debate. There were things that I do not endorse either think that you must wield in Parliament; ie the allusion, that Pablo Iglesias made, to Felipe González, seemed frightening to me; ie, exactly the opposite of what  those who were protagonists of the Transition did.

The image of Pablo Iglesias, referring to the quicklime or the case Lasa / Zabala. If you want the image contrary to that, it is the image of Adolfo Suarez greeting Dolores Ibarruri (La Pasionaria), in the Transition:  it is the image of harmony, national reconciliation, and, what Pablo Iglesias did, was exactly the opposite. That is trying to open wounds, which were closed.

The important thing is not what he said, but why he said it….., what he said ...., because there is no single gesture or a word, by Pablo Iglesias, who is not tested, to the millimeter. So I think he meant, to the PSOE: "Look, this is my ideology and, if you want to get on me, you have to  accept that these are my approaches, my conception of the world and life .... ". He said something else: "to be sure, if we form a Government,  my policy will prevail, and not yours, I demand a parity Government, I want you to give me guarantee, because I do not trust you ...." and, in short, what  it was established is what ..... is in all his books:  it is in "La Nueva Transicion" (“The New Transition”), in “Disputar la Democracia” ("Dispute Democracy") .

 Pablo Iglesias is  inspired by Gramsci, by Laclau ... and by Lenin ...... What I said is that they go, to the Institutional Powers, to the Courts, to transform, to alter the correlation of forces, in society, because he says that, with the previous correlation of forces, you can not make the Revolution, that he wants .... “From there, if I go into the Government, I have to get into a position of hegemony, supremacy over the Spanish Socialist Working Party”. And he has an interview, very bright, with Fernando Vallespín, in which he tells you that his goal is the "PASOquización the PSOE". Note: PASOquización (to make PASOC) comes from PASOC (Socialist Action Party. A party, that broke away from the United Left). Ie, it is to become the leader of the Left. 

He dominate ….—control, hegemony, supremacy are very much, in the language of Pablo Iglesias ... and, very much, in language of Gramsci .... He wants to have this hegemony , to ensure that it will produce the social change, which he hopes ... and within that social change is, for example, consider Otegui  a fighter for freedom, reopen the Historical Memory, with an absolutely biased vision –because, here, there was a Civil War, there was a struggle, between the two Spains, and what Pablo Iglesias wants is that, once and for all, it is established that there was a group, who was right, and one that did not have any reason : the Spain and the anti-Spain; but we are not for that, as the world is today”.

      By the way of the division of Spain, on both sides, after the Spanish Civil War, I think it would be a disaster, for Spain, its division into small states, as they want the people, who is in favour of the independence of Catalonia and the Basque Country  ---and that also Pablo Iglesias promotes, from PODEMOS--. The same thing,  I think it should be bad, if any member --of 28, which form the European Union-- wanted independence from the rest, because I think the 28 already form a compact group, who make decisions for the good of all and, in return, all the members assume responsibility for the common effort. I do not understand how it could be otherwise ...

      As for the harsh criticism of Pablo Iglesias to Felipe González, I mean I found it very bad. Felipe González, a few days later responded by saying: "I do not understand why Pablo Iglesias has so much hatred ....". Well, I do understand it, the explanation is simple: Pablo Iglesias, like his team, shows that they have no value, such as forgiveness and humility. So it is normal that he insult and then he does not regret.

      The interviewer asked the Minister: "Are broken all the bridges between PODEMOS and PSOE,  and also between CIUDADANOS and PP?”. Note: PP = Partido Popular (Popular Party). And the Minister answered: “I think that, among PODEMOS and PSOE, no. I think that Sanchez is very clear: what he wants is to be President --he said: "Next week, if possible"- - and is willing to be with anyone, who makes him President; ie, the most striking of the session --and that has been, recently, little highlighted, in the media— is that Sanchez said, with absolute clarity: "To me, what I would like is an alliance of the forces of the Left, with PODEMOS, and if I do not do it, it is not because I do not like it, but simply because they do not add up", which leaves, to Rivera (the leader of CIUDADANOS), in a slightly snubbed position, because Sanchez is implying: "Iglesias: I would have liked to marry you, but as it can not be, I have no choice but to marry Rivera" ....

He shall insist on this matter and, what they have to do, is reflect on their ideological differences, which are abysmal, --because they do not agree either on their vision of Spain: PODEMOS want to put Spain in Almoneda (Note: Almoneda is an auction of goods, usually at a low price). They do not agree on the Economy: PODEMOS is in the Economy of Venezuela or Syria; PSOE, CIUDADANOS AND PP are in the Social Market Economy. They do not agree on the European Project, and do not agree on the role of the Coalition, against Terrorism.

There are some differences, so abysmal that one can not get to understand how they can try to govern together, because this is not a matter of addition, this is a matter of analyzing what Spain needs, in this particular historical moment and, from there, to see what is the policy fómula, that best help to meet those needs, to achieve the objectives, that Spain has. Look, you and I can agree on a society; but we need to know for what, because if not, it does not have any sense, that we form a society, when goals are not concrete or when you have a vision of society, that is radically opposed to mine, I fail to understand how is it possible to do that”.

      The interviewer (Alfredo Menéndez) asks the Minister: "And among CIUDADANOS and the PP, when Albert Rivera asks, to militants of the PP, to have courage, for parking Mariano Rajoy, politically, that is not  to blow up the bridges?”.

And the Minister answered: “Let's see, I do not seem relevant ..... ie: I think that no political party, no political force, in Democracy, can claim the right to explain, to another political force, what to do; ie, you arrange your home and we arrange our own; What would have seemed to you that Mr. Rajoy had spoken and had said: "Look, we will not go with you, we will not even drink coffee, unless Mr. Rivera is replaced by Mr. Girauta"; well, it would have been considered an impertinence, more than notable. And, secondly, if what Spain needs  --and I return to the matter-- is a stable government, that government needs to be formed by some stable parties, and the Popular Party ... the stability of the Popular Party rests much on the figure of Mariano Rajoy, who is able to arbitrate the various political sensitivities that, as it exists in any great party.

The fact of dynamiting, to Mariano Rajoy, is something that we know in history. I belonged to Union of Democratic Centre and, when the Socialist Party decided to attack the government, as it was their right and obligation, the first thing they did was blow the Adolfo Suarez´s  head off; once they blew his head off, everything was infinitely easier. It makes no sense to commit the impertinence to say, to others, what they have to do at home ....: "Hey:  you will know what to do at home, and let´s agree on the program. What want we do?" and that is very urgent .., today I have seen that the index of consumer confidence has plummeted, by political instability.., we can not go on so; before, you told me: "Is the world keeps turning ..." , of course the world keeps turning ....: Monday, we must address the matter of refugees and migrants, which are two different matters, but related; June 26 ... just three days after the Referendum, in the European Union,  output, or no, by the UK --which may have a inmense commotion ....--;  we still have problems, in Syria and Iraq ...; from the economic point of view, we all agree that we go to a cooling period of the Economy ....

The Spanish economy is better, it is much better than it was, but is still a convalescent Economy and we can not get into water much more turbulent, than we have had, without a crew and, above all, a Captain, to direct the boat, with a firm hand; that is the problem, Spain needs a Government, needs a government that agree in the diagnosis: Where we want to go?; it is not the same to say that we want to go as Germany, that we want to be like Venezuela, that is evident; and, from there, get to work; ie, what to do in this Legislature?, what are the major reforms that Spain needs? .... And the most picturesque thing, of what is happening, is that CIUDADANOS and PSOE make a program, that requires structural reforms, on first-order, between others, a reform of the Constitution, when it is obvious that, without the Popular Party, you can not do ...; ie, “Look, the formula is that you do this; but I know I can not do it, it has to be done by other. What sense does it?. There is a basic principle that says: "no one can commit to do, what you can not do"”.

      The situation is complicated, because Pedro Sanchez wants to be Prime Minister, but not with PODEMOS, because this one  is joined to other parties not Constitutionalists. The PSOE (Pedro Sanchez) wants to govern with the support of CIUDADANOS (Albert Rivera); but they do not have enough votes and PODEMOS (Pablo Iglesias) does not want to meet CIUDADANOS. And, on the other hand, PP (Mariano Rajoy) says it is the most voted party, in the last Elections of December 20 --and that is true--, which means that PSOE and CIUDADANOS should agree with PP, in order that Mariano Rajoy was Prime Minister.

      I think a thing: if Democracy is the Government by People, politicians represent people and 7 millions of Spaniards voted to PP (with Mariano Rajoy as Candidate), Why Mariano Rajoy is not let to form a Government with PSOE and CIUDADANOS?. I can not understand it.

      Well, I am going to finish. And excuse me if this post has seemed too much long to you, but I think that it was very interesting to show you almost all the interview.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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