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Spain exceeds 100,000th organ transplant
02 March 2016 @ 16:06

      In this month of February 2016, the 100,000th organ transplant, in the history of Spain, took place, at the Dr. Peset Hospital, in Valencia (East of Spain). It was a renal transplant whose recipient works favorably. A symbolic figure, that the day to day has passed in silence --a date of 15 February, 116 have already been made more transplants--, but also a "Kabbalistic figure", worth celebrating, according to the director of the National Organization transplants (ONT), Rafael Matesanz.

Transplant of kidney

Rafael Matesanz

      This round number "is to relive 100,000 moments of anguish; 100,000 moments of joy and 100,000 new opportunities", says Matesanz.

      "It is a figure, that adds value to the enormous effort of Spanish society, donors and their families and the health system". "It is worth the effort remembering and continue encouraging people, to these small miracles, that transplants are, still possible ", adds Matesanz, in an interview, with Europa Press.

      They are more than 100,000 new opportunities, 3,689 of them given to children, and Spain has reason to celebrate their generosity. World leader, in organ donation and transplantation, since 24 years ago, it returned to beat its own record, in 2015, reaching 39.7 donors per million population and a total of 4,769 patients transplanted, in 2015, an average of 13 transplants per day, more than one, every two hours.

      "It will not be necessary to wait another 50 years", to have another 100,000 transplants performed successfully, consider Matesanz, who calculates a greater future progression. oubled;  If we were at the current rate, it would take about 20 years; but, as it is expected to continue incre "At the rate, that we are going, it is possible that, within 15 years, the number has been dasing, I estimate that we will have 200,000 transplants, in 15 years".

      The truth is that, since the creation of the ONT, more than half a million people have been benefited with transplant of organs, tissues or cells. Since the figure, released the last Wednesday, we must add the more than 400,000 transplants of tissues and cells, also made in Spain.

      "The transplants of tissue are more difficult to count, but our total estimate suppose half a million Spaniards, who have received some type of transplant however small", says Matesanz.

      Of the total, about their distribution by organs, 62,967 are kidney, 23,881 of liver, 7,616 cardiac, 3,824 pulmonary,  1,703 pancreatic and 125 of bowel.

      The average waiting time, in Spain, for a transplant, varies depending on each organ. So, in the case of lung, it ranges from five to six months; in heart, are three months; the time for liver  is among four and five months; in the pancreas, nine and ten months; and renal, precisely the defendant, the waiting time is among 15 and 18 months, on average.

      The Spanish transplant system is a network of 186 hospitals, approved for organ donation  and 43 for performing transplants (ten of them have some program for children transplant), distributed through all the autonomous communities.

      Well. I am proud of being Spaniard, after knowing this news. And I hope that many other countries are able to work hard, in order to offer such transplants as Spain does.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Banker said:
07 March 2016 @ 07:47

The article on transplants is fantastic news. In the UK a person can sign up to a donor register - is that same facility available here in Spain and if so, how do we go about it?

mariadecastro said:
12 March 2016 @ 12:34

Hello, Banker: First of all, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your comment. Sorry for delay in answering, but I have been busy, with my last post and with many things from home; but I have not forgotten your question. What I have found, on the Internet, about the registration of donations, reads the following: You can have a donor card, that you can get on the National Transplant Organization.
The donor card is a document, that witness to our desire to be an organ donor, after death. However, the card has no legal value. We must communicate, to our families, the desire to be donors, to authorize the removal of organs after death.
There are several models of donor cards, issued by various organizations and associations of patients. They all have the same evidential value, to express our desire to be organ donors, at the time of death.
The data provided, pursuant to Article 5 of the Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, are stored and processed, in the automated file of Donor Cards, owned by the National Transplant Organization, with exclusively administrative and statistical purposes. Also, they are informed of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, under the terms established in current legislation, by writing to the department responsible for the automated file.
If they do not want to be an organ donor, they have break their card, if they have one, and talk to their families and relatives, in order that when the case happens, they can transmit their own way. Since the data, used to issue the donor card, is not stored, in any register of donors, but are used solely for administrative purposes, it is not necessary to unsubscribe or communicate, to any official body, that has changed your opinion.
Well, I hope I have satisfied your curiosity.
Kind regards,

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