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The oldest dam in Europe is in Spain
05 February 2016 @ 11:03

      I would like you watching a video, about the reservoir of "Tibi" (the oldest in Europe and probably worldwide). If you want to watch it, please click below:

Joaquín Hernandez (A journalist of Antena 3 tv): “We are in Tibi, a small village, in the province of Alicante. We came up here to show you a structure, that will surprise you safe; measures 44 metres high and 40 metres wide, at its bottom. This is the reservoir, active, oldest in Europe”


Joaquin Hernandez: “Joaquín. When this damwas built?”

Joaquín Melgarejo (Director of the Water Institute at UA = Alicante University): “This dam was built around 1680. Its construction lasts 20 years”.

Joaquín Hernández: “It is still in operation, which is the most curious thing, right?”


Joaquín Melgarejo: “Yes, it continues to operate, without interruption, as I am commenting you, from the late sixteenth century to date”

Joaquin Hernández: “It is documented that it is the dam, in operation, oldest in Europe; but in the world?”

Joaquin Melgarejo: “We have been trying to date this and we do not know any other dam, from this time --There are some later, but, from this time, we do not know anyone, at least what we know—“

Note: While Joaquin Melgarejo was talking, you could read: THE KING PHILIP II ENGINEERS SUPERVISED THE WORK OF THE DAM

Joaquin Hernández: “So that is possibly that, apart from Europe, it is from the world, in operation, which is the key”

Joaquin Melgarejo: “Most likely, that it has been, in operation, continuously, that is the question, right?”



Joaquin Hernández:  “Joaquin, we are already on the top of this dam and, here, you see how width it is”

Joaquin Melgarejo: “If, indeed, we are on the crest of the dam of Tibi and it is a extraordinary dam, by settings in blocks and continue in business, right? "

Joaquin Melgarejo: “This is a spillway, when major flooding occurs, in the Monnegre river, in order that it should not affect directly the dam; you could alleviate, directly, through these floodgates, which are seen here, the floodgates were raised and let the water flow, towards the natural riverbed. This water is used for irrigation, mainly; now, it has, approximately, about 4 or 5 cubic hectometres of water accumulated”

While Joaquín Melgarejo was talking, you could read: THE RESERVOIR OF TIBI IS CURRENTLY USED FOR IRRIGATION

Joaquin Hernández: “Joaquin, What is the key to this reservoir is still standing, after so many centuries?”

Joaquin Melgarejo: “This dam remains, after more than 400 years, thanks to being built with bow, and this enables the force of water pressure go to extremes, to the mountain itself; this has been what we have done, an old lady, over 400 years in active”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video and want to visit that place. If you do that, please tell me it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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