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This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

The Garganta del Capitan in southern Spain
04 January 2016 @ 12:38

       Algeciras (Cádiz, Southern Spain) has a route, that surprises with its beautiful waterfalls and being inspiration for a captivating fantasy literature.

      Supposed hidden treasures and ghosts accompany the spectacle of a place, that is easily accessible for its good signage.

"Garganta del Capitán" ("Captain´s throat")

      Anyone who sees the typical online photo of the Waterfalls Captain's Throat, without knowing what it is, it will think that it is a location of the next filming of The Lord of the Rings, in New Zealand, or in some remote corner in the antipodes. And it is in Algeciras, within a route, that can be done within a medium difficulty, and for which you only need to feel like walking and lungs to breathe clean air.

The route to the Captain´s thoat

        The tour begins in what is known as the Green Gate of Algeciras. A big gate leads into the hill Matapuercos, where is easy to find grazing cows and pigs living with walkers and visitors to the area. The stream of the Fuente Santa is the appetizer of what we will find later, in the area of the joint (canuto), which is a type of forest gallery, that takes place in the margins of freshwater courses.

      There are several alternatives, presented by the route; but the most attractive and livable is to visit the ruined mills that follow. The first look is that of San Jose, who at the time was paper mill and flour later. It is nice to make a stop, along the way and flip through a building, that invites you to imagine what could happen there, half a century ago.

The route to the San José Mill

        A thick vegetation accompanies hikers, along a path parallel to the river. The second mill to appear is that of Enmedio and then reaches the mill of Caves, with mysterious aspect because of being hidden, between the vegetation. History books tell that became as nine water mills which used the nearby waters.

      Following upriver appear ferns, in a striking amount, welcoming a region plagued by ponds, where they are already printed more features of this route. The mere sound of water is already relaxing, although visitors must wait out the rainy season, for these pools show the usual idyllic appearance.

      In the Captain's Throat is his grave. Legend tells that Gabriel Moreno, a soldier who fought in the war of Denmark, returned to Spain as captain and, after taking part against the Napoleonic invasion, remained in the area of Algeciras, as a smuggler. He was shot and buried in a mass grave. Legend tells that its spirit appeared and a priest sent carve a stone cross, on the stone, where they said they saw it. Moreover, it is said that, just in the Captain's Throat there is a hidden treasure. More literature, for hikers, lovers of fantastic.

The flat of the tombs, in the Captain´s throat

      This circumstance is irrelevant, because the main thing in this route is not pursuing ghosts, but to discover a place, that is out of the ordinary. The flat of the tombs also offers an unusual image, in nature: a meadow with little grove, where there are remains of anthropomorphic tombs. In general, the trails are well marked and it paves the way for non-locals, who are surprised to find a place with so much substance environmental level and also in the historical. And, even at the level of the paranormal, to be a mine in paragraph legends and fables.

      Well, I hope that you have liked to know something about these places and also that you can come here to know them personally.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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