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A very Christmas dish in Spain
29 December 2015 @ 11:18

        Today I would like to show you a video with the recipe for a Christmas dish in Spain: “the Almond Soup”

       I know this dish is usually cooked in Christmas Eve; but perhaps you  could cook it on next year.

       If you want to see the video, please click below:

Marta (the presenter): “Formerly, it was tradition, on Christmas Eve, take, for dessert, "almond soup"; very typical of Madrid and the two Castiles. Over the years, it has been lost the recipe; but today we recover it”

Carlos Campo (Manager “El Estragón”): “Formerly, Christmas dinner, on Christmas, you did not dinner….ehhh”

Marta: “How is that you did not have a dinner?!”

Carlos: “You were allowed to have a little soup, you took the Almond soup ……..

Marta: “Because it was the Christmas sweet, that gave you happiness…….”

Carlos: “….but they say that it was made with water, not even with milk, because you could eat neither meat nor milk, on Christmas Eve dinner”

Marta: “Let us see, Carlos, what I want is to learn to do it..”

Carlos: “But, go to the kitchen, with Alejandra, and there we all explain you how to do it…”

Marta: “Well, I think it is great….I am going to kitchen…..Thanks, Carlos……”

Carlos: “Fine, Marta… you, Marta..…”


Marta: “Let us see, Alejandra, I have come here, to learn the recipe for almond soup, because I do not want it to miss, I want that people can do it at home ... tell me what ingredients it has”

Alejandra David (“El Estragón”): ”One liter of milk, for example; 200 grams of almond paste; this is already almond compacted, made industrially; but, formerly, it was made by ladies, with a mortar, and patiently and slowly ... and you were going adding sugar gradually, slowly, until it was made a paste; and, then, pine nuts, cinnamon and stale bread ...... There are many versions of this recipe: some thicker versions and lighter versions; we keep light, with a bowl of spoon. It is very good, very easy, very cheap, everyone can make it in its home ...”

Marta: “Then come on, let's see, Alejandra”


Marta: “And it so should remain….”

Alejandra: “That is, ready……..The good thing, about this dessert, is that, once cooled, you can leave it in the fridge, from one day to another, and it is even better the next day”

Marta: “Since this one makes such excellent impression, What do you think, Alejandra, if you prepare for me a lot of almond soup and I go to street, in order that people know again this dish, such a typical Christmas?”

Alejandra: “This is fact, very well, now we do it”

Marta: “Yes?, then come on, let's set ourselves, get on with it, here, to cook”


Marta: “I am going to offer you a shot and let´s see if you know what it is…..Let´s see if she likes it or if she does not like it…”

A girl: “Ummm…of coconut”

Marta: “Nooo….It is a Christmas recipe”

The same girl: “Ummm, so good”

A man: “It has pineapple…..”

Marta: “Pineapple, no”

The same man: “It tastes like nougat”

Marta laughs…

The same man: “Rice pudding”

Marta: “Rice pudding….!!!, but hey….What says your friend?”

The friend: “That is coffee, with pineapple, almond .....”

The first man: ”We will not get on TV, Right?”

A third man: “Coconut”

Marta: “Coconut, no”

The man´s wife: “I have no idea”

Another lady: “Almond?”

Marta: “Very weeeellll…!!!!...Do you see how you knew it?, this is almond soup”

The lady: “Ah, almond soup…, ah, what a rich…”

Marta: “Sign off this report”

The lady: “Well, Merry Christmas, to all, and that there is work, for everyone ... And, up to here, the report of Spanish Television ......”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video and you want to try cooking the “Almond soup”.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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