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Post is testing drones to ensure the postal service in areas of difficult access in Spain
09 December 2015 @ 09:01

      I have just found a video, that talks about a curious news: “Post is testing drones to ensure the postal service in areas of difficult access in Spain”. If you want to watch this video, please click below:

Voice in off: “So: in hand and out loud, a rural postman delivered in 1984; today, they are 7000, with a job, of many kilometres, by car, by bike and on foot, which can be complicated, in winter. For facilitate service, in areas of difficult access, Post is studying to use drones”.

Jordi Escruela (Assistant Manager of Innovation at Post): “If we have a hundred percent convenient service and there are moments, that we can not give it, let us seek alternatives, that exist”

Voice in off: “The company has tried them, in Sotres, in the Picos de Europa; they go and return alone, guided by GPS; they can take packages up to a kilogram and a half of weight”

Álvaro López (Manufacturer drones “USOL”): “It is a system, with six electric motors, each engine has a thrust of 3 kilos and a half, --it is a quite powerful system--".

Alberto Freile (Voice in off): “Post says that they would not replace  the rural postmen, but that they would be a complementary tool, for a trade, which has seen few change”

Jesus Guzmán (main actor, as Braulio, in “Crónicas de un pueblo” (“Features of a village”)): “Precisely the streets are public roads, for passing cars, trucks and people”

Xan das Bolas (a shepherd and a street cleaner, as Camilo, in “Crónicas de un pueblo”): “Watch it, how rich….. and sheeps not...... “

Jesus Guzmán (Braulio): “Get them off, that they do not bump into my way….”

      Well, I think that it is very interesting that many people can receive any package, wherever they are.

      I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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