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A Spanish researcher has discovered two molecules, present in plants, which can reduce body fat
20 June 2015 @ 23:52


        Some days ago I found a very interesting news, that said: “Two molecules present in plant foods can reduce body fat”.

      The Resveratrol and the Quercetin, two molecules, naturally present in many foods and beverages from plants such as grapes, wine, onion or apple, have shown, between other beneficial health effects, some ability to reduce body fat.

        So it has been shown by the researcher, Noemi Arias, from the Nutrition and Obesity group, at the University of the Basque Country (UPV), in her doctoral thesis entitled 'Effects of the combination of biomolecules in food, conjugated linoleic acid, resveratrol and quercetin on the body fat accumulation'.

      In work, carried out during the thesis, the doctor with distinction cum laude, watched the administration of a combination of these two compounds induces an effect, known as 'marronización' (to become brown colour) of the white adipose tissue, in a group of rats, fed with an obesogenic diet (rich in fat and sugar).

      This effect, in addition to other observed in this experiment, could justify and help reduce weight and body fat, observed in this group of rats, reported by the UPV in a note.

      Brown adipose tissue is a fatty tissue, that until not long ago was thought to be only present in newborn children and hibernating animals.

      This tissue is responsible for dissipating the energy, as heat to maintain body temperature, instead of storing it, as with white adipose tissue, a process known as 'thermogenesis'.

      Its recent discovery, also in the adult human being, and the inverse correlation between the amount of that tissue and less body mass index, has attracted interest from the scientific community by it.

      The 'marronización' is a recent discovery process, that involves the development of adipocytes (or fat cells) with characteristics of brown adipocytes within white adipose tissue (called 'beige' or 'brite' adipocytes), and the activation of this process could help reduce body fat.

      The marronizante effect, of this blend of resveratrol and quercetin, was first discovered by the research group to which it belongs, Noemi Arias, thanks to the collaboration of the University of the Balearic Islands, which allowed patent it.

      Much of this research, which was funded by a project of the National Plan of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, and has been published in international scientific journals and has led to a national patent, published in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property, in  March 2015.

      Well, once again, a very interesting project has been developed by several Spanish researchers. I hope that you have liked it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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