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A Spanish music with legend
17 June 2015 @ 11:21

       Several days ago, I listened, on the radio, a piece of Operetta,”La leyenda del beso” ("The legend of the kiss"), composed by the Spanish Reveriano Soutullo and Juan Vert.

      Reveriano Soutullo (1880-1932) was born in Redondela (Pontevedra, Galicia). He had the musical close, from child, because his father was the Director of the band of music.

      At the age of 19, he went to study to the Conservatoire of Madrid. While, he made a living playing the little cornet. He managed to enter The First Course of Harmony. He studied 3 years Harmony and Composition (subject in which they gave him the Extraordinary Prize).

      Among  1906 and 1907, he returned to Vigo (Pontevedra, Galicia), where they gave him a scholarship, to study music abroad. Thanks to it he entered in touch with Italian or German musicians; but the musicians, who more marked him, were found by him in Paris: Debussy and Ravel.

      Reveriano came back to Madrid, where he started composing operetta. He composed several famous operettas, between them: “Amores de aldea”  (“Loves of village”).

      Between 1919 and 1931 he formed  a famous tandem with Juan Vert, with whom he composed big successes like:  “La leyenda del beso”, “El ultimo romantico”, “La del Soto del Parral”………..

      Reveriano died in 1932, because of a complication in the postoperatory of an operation of ear. But, the presenter of the  program on the radio, that I listened, said that he could not overcome the death of his companion and firend, Juan Vert, who died in 1931.

      Juan Vert Carbonell (1890-1931). He was born in Carcaixent; but, when he was few months old, his family went from Carcaixent to Onteniente. He was introduced in Music by his father. In Onteniente (Valencia, East of Spain), he started his studies of music by Enrique Casanova (Director of the local band and Organist of the church of the Asuncion of Holy Maria).

      A few years later he continued the courses of piano, harmony and composition, with Manuel Ferrando, in the College Concepcion, where he also studied Baccalaureate.

      At the age of 14, he already was dominating the violin and the piano. In 1908, when Ferrando, his teacher, died, Juan was registered in the Conservatoire of Valencia, where the master, Emilio Vega  --with whom Juan supported a great friendship, later-- succeeded the lyric inclination of his pupil.

      In 1911, Juan went to Madrid and he studied at the Royal Top Conservatoire of Music, where he obtained the Honor's Prize in Harmony and Composition.

      The city of Onteniente realized several tributes to Vert.

      The Valencian Company of the Theatre Ruzafa represented  "The legend of the kiss" under Ramon Sancho's direction, in which Vert agreed to direct free numbers. The own composer wrote a letter, to the Mayor of Onteniente, Manuel Mompó, in 1928, in which Vert said the following:  "The press of Madrid and Valencia has dealt, with many extension, of the tribute and my good friends of here take part impassioned of my emotion and gratefulness".

      In 1931, Juan Vert died suddenly, while he was writing “La maja serrana”.

      The presenter of the radio program, where I listened  “The legend of the kiss”, said that Reveriano Soutullo died just only one year later than his friend, Juan Vert, because of the pity caused by that death.

      Now, I shoul like to share with you the work “The legend of the kiss”. If you want to watch the video, please click on the link below:

      I knew that work, since many years ago; but I did not know that it has something to do with a modern spanish song, singed by the famous group MOCEDADES; now, they are named THE CONSORTIUM. The song is tittled “Amor de hombre” (“Love by a man”) and, if you want to listen it, please click below:

      This is a fragment of “The legend of the kiss”. I hope that you have liked everything.

     Until my next post, kind regards,


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