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The secrets of Iberian ham: mark Spain
16 April 2015 @ 12:39

       There is no doubt that one of the pillars, of the "mark Spain", is the Iberian ham. And, today, I would like to share a video, with you, for you and me, to learn about the making of a ham, in Spain --in case that you did not know that manufacture--.

      If you want to watch that video, please click on the link below:

Voice in off: “Guijuelo (Salamanca). Here the…….”

A girl: “Ham-tourism”

A boy: “Ham-tourism”

Another boy: “That is: ham-tourism”

Voice in off: “it is born”

A journalist of the tv program “Spain Direct”: “Two words, together, which means that we now have the opportunity to know what is behind the Iberian ham, that we eat; what about its elaboration; how to differentiate a ham from another one. The answers, to all these questions, ... here and now.”


A responsible of the factory: “The truth is that is having a huge success”

The journalist: “Well, let us get carried away, by the "ham-tourism", and learn more things of ham .......But…uh…care…first it is turn of overall…..Now begins the visit”

The responsible of the factory: “Here, the hams will be .... one day per kilo of weight, which is, exactly, what they need”

The journalist: “I am going to enter with them as a infiltrated”

A young visitor: “There is no problem”

Voice in off: “It comes the time of drying ...; in this room, it may take up to 5 months, 3 degree heat, with 60 percent humidity. Meanwhile, in the bootblack ....”

The journalist: “Shape it, to make it more attractive ...”

A worker: “beautifull”

The journalist: “More beautiful”

The journalist: “Interesting?”

A very young French woman (visitor): “Yes….a little bit”

Voice in off: “But…, come on,  that we can not lose detail, because listen: there are many tips and tricks, to keep in mind ... We enter now in the Cellar: last point in the route. Here are 50,000 hams, which can be healing up to 4 years. But, How to distinguish one from another?.”

The responsible: “The leg, the cane is finer, more purity has the race .... This fat, when Winter, if it is authentic, pure Iberian pork, with human heat, when you massage it, we got it done liquid.”

The journalist: “Fine; now we come, to one of bait, to check the difference, in leg and fat.”

The responsible: “Exactly. Well, here we see that the cane is already bigger, fatter, thicker ..., the fat is harder ... and more whole”

The journalist:”What is which most attracts their attention?”

The responsible: “Well, one of the things, that attract their attention, is the time that they are hanging here”

The journalist: “The hams”

The responsible: “Yes, the hams”

The journalist: “Not them (the visitors)”

The journalist: “Interesting?”

Another French girl: “Yes…very much”

Another boy, who spoke at the beginning: “A lot of things. The visit is very interesting”

The journalist: “What is which has attracted your attention more?”

Another boy: “The quality of the feed….”

Another French girl: “The time……it needs very much time…”

The voice in off: “Now, it is turn to learn more secrets, in this case on the edge .., to consider: the tool; not cut nearby long and bend a little bit the knife. Come on ..., very nearly so .... and  even though that it was the second attempt ....”

The responsible: “There it is high better……,being the little suitable slice”

The journalist: “Being the little suitable slice…”


The journalist: “Well, we were all waiting for this moment, the last: the tasting”

The journalist: “Is it delicious…?”

A different French girl: “Yes..”

The journalist: “Do you like it?”

A different French girl: “Yes…”

Two other girls: “It is good the ham…”

The journalist: “It is the best part of the visit; is not it?”

A different French girl: “Yes…”

The journalist: “So that, therefore, I will take it….”

Voice in off: “Along with the photo-finish, in a very productive visit, because the Iberian secrets are now a little bit more accessible to everyone”

      Well, I hope that you have liked to know more about Iberian Ham. And perhaps, you can go to Guijuelos (Salamanca), a day, in order to taste ham, in that place.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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