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Diet to prevent hair loss by Spaniard Doctor
23 February 2015 @ 11:41

       Today, I want to share with you a video, where the Doctor Ana Bellón recommends a diet to prevent hair loss.

      If you want to watch this video, please click below:

Ana Bellón (Doctor in TVE): “Food .... I can recommend to you, because, as we are well explaining, throughout the program --I have the model in the hand--, what we see is hair that leaves our scalp; but if you watch, the hair comes out of a hair follicle, what we have below are vessels:  there is an artery and a vein; ie, enough blood arrives to the hair and, through blood, nutrients necessaries for hair, to grow healthy and grow…well, but in all its brilliance and splendor. Therefore, what we eat is very important, because if we have nutritional deficiencies, through these vessels, will not get the necessary nutrients and we can lose our hair. So, we need fat, we need vitamins and we need minerals. Within the fat, the most important are the fatty acids, unsaturated, especially Omega 3, why?, because it will shine to the hair and will cause it to grow, to more healthy, because it will nourish, correctly, the follicle hair. Omega 3 are mainly in oily fish --as may be the sardines--; but, also, in seafood: clams or mussels are rich in Omega 3, or even white fish. Algae are very good source of Omega 3  --especially DHA (vitamin)--; but also nuts, such as walnuts and pumpkin seeds give us these fatty acids. .... We have said: fats, vitamins and minerals. Within the minerals, we will highlight the zinc; zinc is necessary for the renewal of cells and there is .... hair is growing steadily; There is zinc in oysters, in salmon, which also gives us these Omega 3 fatty acids, pumpkin seeds, which we saw in the previous tray; therefore, they are very good friends of our hair, sesame seed or wheat germ ... If you have white spots on nails, for example, or have a brittle hair, dry hair, or even that wounds heal badly, we may be telling our body that we are having a deficiency of this mineral, zinc. And within vitamins, I am going to watch Biotin; it came out in the video, that we have seen, that has made our companion, because Biotin, or Vitamin B8, is very important for the proper growth of our hair. It is difficult to take Biotin deficiency, if we have a balanced and varied food, because she is in potatoes, in eggs, in chicken, in nuts ...; but one of the causes, that can lead us Biotin deficiency, which is rare nowadays, is to eat raw egg, because in egg, there is a substance, called Avidin, which binds to biotin and prevents absorbed through the intestine. Formerly, when you threw raw eggs, such as mothers, broths or purees, to try to raise and nurture that patient, convalescent, they were doing a disservice by Avidin; but, today, we do not eat raw egg, we cook it and, therefore, it is easy to have a healthy hair, if we are well nourished, with everything what I am telling you, Mariló”.

      Well, I hope that you have liked these advices and they are good for you.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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